Fears are the things that make us “crazy”, we lose our clarity, we do things for no apparent reason and we get anxious …

I don’t know if anyone I think of will ever read or read all this but I understand many things now that I have come out that I am coming out of my fears: it was not so much me, “Paolone” who was scary, but something that was inside her , another trauma, other ghosts from the past.

And all the demons, ghosts, fears that we have, we must face them firsthand, friends can help, but they cannot go beyond those limits that only you can overcome.

As I said, I have met hundreds of people in my life and I continue to know them, and there has not been one that I have had such a negative effect on.

I was afraid, and I acted in ways that even I don’t think are the best, but… never with bad intentions.

I’m sorry I scared you like that, but the fear has kidnapped me too. We hurt each other and I’m sorry for that.

Yesterday, you know, I talked for hours with Matteo, it would have been nice if you had done it too.

It would be nice if you had listened to me yesterday, you too would have convinced yourself that I am a good person, that I am a normal, human person.

For the umpteenth time I have told someone else everything I should and wanted to say to you, they were speeches that got lost in the night air.

We wallowed in our fears and insecurities.

Cesare Pavese said: “Isn’t the fear of falling in love already a little love?”

I think we were both afraid, we recalled something from the past and neither of us understood that we are in the future and they are not all the same.

 You know, I will always love you, in the sense that I will always want you to be okay, that you can overcome all your fears and overcome problems.

Just as he also voted to the others, in that transmission. I fell in love with people, with you.

I exaggerated, I exaggerate, I apologize. I know that many things I could have avoided.

I hope and hope that in any case, sooner or later, we can leave the past behind together, be on civil, friendly terms.

Without doing anything else.

Do not be afraid of me, I am the first who would like you to no longer have it and the last who would do you something bad.

Why he never wanted to do that to anyone. I would tell you, if you have doubts, talk to those who know me and love me.

There are.

To you, Ste. With this I think I have concluded. I will never be able to do anything else, because I know that any gesture or initiative I can do, you would see it in a negative way.

I’m tired anyway, I’m a lover, not a fighter: just know that my door is always open.

Hello, dear, hello dears.


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