Review:”Mr Morale & The Big Steppers”.

Since Kendrick Lamar’s last album: “DAMN”, several years have passed, it was 2017.

I was already listening to it, it has always been very special. The artist does not exactly possess the characteristics of the typical rapper, the usual ones. It is a little different from all the others, so I find it a more difficult task to listen to and process it.

Let’s say, in short, that Kendrick is not one for whom a single listen can be enough.

Also in this case, we have an album of 18 tracks, which are all different from each other: this is the first advantage: we can appreciate the fact that we don’t listen to something repetitive and / or banal.

Kendrick clearly stands out from most of the rappers of his generation, as he is never too “invasive”, he uses his strengths in other areas, he doesn’t talk about the usual things, so for me it can be said that he brings concious rap in another level, another dimension.

He doesn’t make pissed-off music, he seems to want us to think more than to be nervous about someone or something.

He uses light music, very similar to classic rap, but also with influences from other musical genres such as rock or electronic.

The texts are also quite particular, reflective, which deal with important issues, on society, fame, the life of many.

In this particular moment it comes to mind: “We Cry Togheter”, a piece that in my thought, represents the toxic relationships between a woman and a man, in which in fact, he and Taylor Paige feel arguing, then somehow make peace and make love.

Heavy arguments, full of insults, people from whom one should stay away.

I was particularly struck by this change of bars in a piece of music. More than listening to hip hop, it feels like stepping into a musical docu-film.

The album is full of variations, in which Kendrick raps in a different way, often changing flow, adapting his voice to the change in intensity of the base, of the notes.

It can change from calm and thoughtful to something more intense, which we can already see in the first track: “United in Grief” and also the next one: “N95”

I have read several opinions, a little disappointed, a little dissatisfied with this album. Maybe it’s not something we are used to hearing, or as we conceive rap and hip hop in a classical and perhaps even restricted way.

Let’s not hide: many think that this music especially appeals to kids and they think it’s always about drugs, gang fights and stuff like that.

But as an obsessive listener of this music, I invite you to open your mind to this side of music, which I also find very particular, this progressive hip-hop is really something unusual, but it’s better this way, because it’s giving something revolutionary to the music. gender.

For me too it was quite particular and challenging to listen to and understand this album, in fact I bring you the review a little late, but I didn’t want to be too hasty and superficial.

However it is a type of music that undoubtedly comes close to my taste, which intrigues me to listen and analyze.

Let’s say that it is complicated to “digest”, so for those who have more trained ears with more catchy music, they will be able to discard this very easily.

Which makes me think that Kendrick’s “target” are certainly not the youngest: except those who want to do so because maybe they will be more attentive to this type of music; this is how tastes work.

I, who just brought you this review, can’t tell you if I liked it 100% or not, but I appreciate my doubt, because it makes me understand that I too am changing my classic way of conceiving this music.

I give an 8/10, but it could be very variable with subsequent plays.

See y’all next time!


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