I Like Damaged things.

 I think I have some

Strange attraction

Towards what is ruined,

towards what is destroyed.

With a light

Almost completely gone.

Like a world made of silence,

of immense emptiness.

I thought I was attracted to

From such a person

Because I thought I wanted to save her …

The truth is, I want to stay

Together with her,

in her darkness,

in her world destroyed by her,

which is now mine too.

I like silence

And the ghostly balance

Of the destroyed.

Now that I am too,

and I look at these silent ravens,

that turn inside me.

Tell me,

I ask your permission,

to sit next to you again

and keep us company

in this silence.

I still want to give you a caress,

to your hair

but most of all,

next to you there is calm,

out here, without, they are all

and all so loud.


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