Switch it Off.

Emotions, they don’t want any

I look for them

Someone tells me

that I can’t prove them

I can’t think about them.

They need to tell me

How to live.

That this is not worth doing,

it’s not worth that,

it’s not worth falling in love,

it’s not worth getting pissed off,

it’s not worth missing,

it’s not worth wanting to crush

who tells me:

“Turn off the button!”

So easy

Just go on / off,

we have it behind the neck

like Krusty’s toy.

Didn’t you know it was that easy?

Switch between thinking one way,

or with the heart?

Just turn off a button,

it all passes in a second.

So they told me

And they always lied to me.

They wanted me to turn off the button

So that I would stop hearing

So that I stop

To do as they didn’t want to.

Turn off the button,

it’s that easy.

Yeah, that’s bullshit.


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