Only stupids never change their minds.

The more I love myself, the more I take up my space, and it is paradoxical how much I manage to love others, despite everything.

The more I love myself, the more I LOVE that person who now hates me or I don’t know what, however, in it I represent some thoughts and fears of what I have become.

If my heart has hardened, if now I can’t get back that old energy, that way of thinking, I can’t help it, understand?

It matures through pain, like it or not.

But you do it so much that you become a being of apathy and aggression towards whatever good comes your way. Too good, thanks, I want less. I don’t need anyone to take care of me, I can do it myself, and I want to do it myself.

Instead of wiping me with the napkin, tell me I’m dirty. So you invade my space, my pride, that I had a relaly hard time to conquer them and I perceive it as a lack of respect.

As if you’re telling me I’m a kid,

and who would you be? My mother, can you name her as well? Fly down and do it quickly.

That you have not understood me at all, even if you are convinced that you have understood everything.

And if you provoke anger and the like, where would you want to go, believing that I might love you a little, if I find these behaviors irritating? It takes time? Do you think I want to use more for something I don’t care?

You can fool yourself, none of my buisness, not anymore, sorry.

I have wasted too much time dealing with the wrong things and people, you are just the umpteenth.

I deserve more than this low mediocrity. I would not be happy to be satisfied.

They told me I was “too ambitious”, because I had to take what they wanted.

Now I think I don’t give a fuck what everyone thinks, I take care of what I want to do.

Anyone who tells me that I am “too ambitious” has no ambitions, has no goals, does nothing.

I can never want what I don’t want, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

I wanted something else, you are not her, you never will be.

Leave me alone then, I tell you for your own good. Now that I’m not what I always liked to be.

And perhaps I should say that I am no longer a kid who changes ideas, tastes, knowing by now what he likes.

The truth is as Dani Orgoglio Gobbo (italian youtuber) also says: “Only stupid people don’t change their minds”.

Sign of open mind, no doubt.

But in some things, we close the doors, we don’t have to deny it.

Even if we hope that others do, I am committed to that too, after all. Well, we’ll see tomorrow, right?  


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