My Life Doesn’t belong to you.

My life does not belong to you.

I never understood why people always wanted to rush to my every mistake.

I’ve been hearing a lot of bullshit for a lifetime. Someone thinks they understand me, but they never understood shit. I can’t stand these things. I look for advice and I only find judgments and “prohibitions”.

They can’t be people who love me, they are toxic things, like when someone wants me to change, he wants to force you to love them, to find something in common …

I hate little spontaneous things, preventive criticism.

They tell me they love me, but that’s not enough, I understand by now. It takes things to make a relationship work – if you try to force things, they’ll suck.

But how can I explain it to him? I do not know.

I don’t even want to think anymore, the fact is that I’m really fed up. For too long I have heard not advice, but ways according to others in which I should behave, I should live, trying to make me not a spontaneous person, a friend, but something they want.

For too long they wanted to tell me how I should live, how I should love, who to stay with or not.

They weren’t advice, they weren’t ways to be close to me, but they were ways of bullying and imposing their point of view on me.

Judgments, prejudices, everything is lost in an immense ocean of shit and bullshit about me that I can no longer tolerate.

And if even the slightest bit happens that someone tries to invade my freedom, I get pissed off. And do you know why?

Because I feel like they are attacking me, imposing everything on me, even their love. I don’t know what I want, but I now feel that many things inside of me are dead and buried.

My inner child, heart, hope. I am now in the most complete realism, I can not believe that there can be someone who now wants to invade my space.

It is a space and autonomy that I struggled a lot to conquer, you know? Now I know that I can love myself, that I can be enough, that really, if I need a hand, I can find it at the end of my arm.

I know myself, I live, 24 hours a day, I don’t stop even when I sleep.

For too long I have anger and silence, moments that nobody knows, that nobody knows.

Now if I see that I have any semblance of opportunity, if I don’t care, I reject it. I want what I really want, and if I can’t, I want something on the same level or similar.

I deserve much more than all of this. I have not suffered to be satisfied, I have not suffered and I have grown to STILL allow someone else to tell me what to do and how to love.

Like you, who have known me for two hours, you have not left any spontaneity, you have known me for two hours and you think you understand everything about me.

You say you’d make me suffer, get off the pedestal, please.

I’m sorry, I’ve suffered too much, and I’m tired. I am no longer capable of it, imagine if it is you who want to impose your love on me.

Perhaps I have lived more than many, since I abandoned these lands some time ago, I have seen more than many, I have not been here alone, to make dust.

I want to go back there, where I felt alive, where you could feel free, and know, again and again, I don’t want to stop.

Blessed are you who have seen little, you think that life is in the “bad” looks you give me, you also think you scare me. In your little bars and aperitifs, and shit sandwiches.

To still want me in the way you decide, to always impose your thoughts on me.

You don’t love anyone,

you don’t love anyone if you never leave the freedom to make mistakes, if you just want to prevent someone from being free to love and live as they want.

The serious thing is that you do it to yourself, living the advice as absolutely correct ways of living, for you. And I loved, spontaneously, I fell in love.

I’ve never had the freedom to make mistakes here.

I can’t be your friend anymore, because you know, my life doesn’t belong to you,

 take your hands off her.


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