#Poetryoftheday:”My Life doesn’t belong to you”.

My life

It does not belong to you.

All ready to tell me

How to live it.

What should I do,

how should i behave,

how should I love.

All ready to say

That there is “a right way”.

A false myth.

Who knows why

I never tell you.

I am not able

To tell you how to love.

You have always been ready

To tell me how to do it,

How to live.

I wonder

What would you do

If I did the same thing.

But I am destined so much

For you,

to always be wrong.

Not even having the chance

To love who I want

As I want.

I felt



A stolen life

From thieves.

My life does not belong to you

Get your hands off her.


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