#Poetryoftheday:”Heroes & Villains”.

We can be heroes

Or villains.

We can decide


based on the occasion.

I’ve seen people

Be good

And the bad ones

When they wanted.

People who try to impose themselves on the other

They lost all good intentions

And they deceived the other.

And we choose

Whether to be good or bad.

I have seen it become myself

Change from hero to villain.

From good man to bad.

I’ve seen people I thought were good

Becoming deceivers and manipulators.

And use abusive words

And lies.

I wonder

Who can ever repay me

Of lost time

Of the things I’ve shared

With whom did he then harm me without hesitation?


It looks like he has bribed

The minds of the people I love?

We are heroes or villains

Based on the occasion

And to our choice.


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