#Review:”Moon Knight”.

Alas, one of the most beautiful and interesting series of the MCU ends, dedicated to an equally interesting character: Moon Knight, on Disney+.

A niche character, not very well known, very dark and problematic.

We initially see Steven Grant, a man who believes he is living a rather normal life, and thinks he is having nightmares.

The first episodes are focused on him, who thinks he is dreaming, in fact, or that he is sleepwalker, ties himself to a pole near the bed.

The further we go, the more we understand that there is something strange, like he wakes up a few days later, at least, so he thinks.

He actually lives two separate lives, literally, with himself. He suffers from multiple personality disorder.

Watching this series I realized how terrifying, but at the same time fascinating, this disorder is.

Knowing that this problem really exists, I thought about the “power” that our brain possesses, capable of creating another personality totally different from the first.

In the series it is seen that there are two or more people living in the same person, as if they were possessed.

It is such an interesting psychological phenomenon that it is impossible not to be fascinated by it. The human mind still has many mysteries. And it is they who create such interesting stories.

Moon Knight is Marc Spector. In life he is a mercenary, but one day in Egypt, on the verge of death, he finds himself in front of the statue of the Egyptian god Khnonshu, who offers him life and superpowers, in exchange for his services.

The superpower depends solely on the presence of the god. A very intelligent and crafty being, also a very interesting character.

In the series we see how the thought of him, on which many can agree, is rather rigid, but shareable.

In reality, I can’t understand if he cares about his avatar, precisely, Marc Spector. Or as it turns out, he just found the right person to manipulate.

After all, who can say if Marc or Steven are really that good, or as you see in the post-credit scene, he’s actually a cold-blooded killer? Maybe it’s all together.

Spector kills but think about the harm he does, Steven wouldn’t hurt a fly, Jake must be the most brutal part of himself.

They did not show the scenes in which the personality is changed with the latter. I don’t know if it was done just to keep an aura of mystery, but I also thought there would be particularly violent scenes; now we imagine a Jake Lockley who kills without problems, perhaps even with a little sadism.

In short, maybe too much to show on TV, or in the Disney + app?

Was it too little politically correct, in fact? Should they do something about it, it is unfair to have such shortcomings on a series and a character so full of content.

A superhero who cannot even be defined as such, who obeys the orders of an ancient god, a religion that in theory should have long since been extinct.

And he has enormous powers, he is an avatar, or one of the incarnations of the god, in fact.

He is charming, isn’t he? We learned a bit about ancient Egypt, which in itself, in truth, I have always believed was very mysterious and interesting. It was right to create a fictional story about a place that was so… legendary, in large parts.

I was familiar with the concept of “avatar”, only in the Hindu religion. In truth. I don’t know if it was used exclusively for “Moon Knight”, by its creators or if it also existed in the Egyptian religion.

Either way, Marc Spector is crazy. He has been so since he was a child, when he experiences great traumas.

Moving, poignant story that makes you think about many things. Plot full of contents: as a child he involuntarily leads his brother to death. The mother will blame him for life.

Steven will be created by Marc to protect his innocence, his good heart, the small part of himself that doesn’t want to give in to the cruelty of the world.

An unsuccessful attempt to (paradoxically) preserve sanity, rationality and not become (like Jake) a brutal and violent killer.

Marc will love Steven so much, that he can be considered as his best friend, as a replacement for his dead brother, (so I saw her) that he will never be able to abandon him.

In the end he is so messed up (as Khonshu himself will say, in the end), that he cannot do without his personalities and it is not even clear who is the dominant one.

It happens several times that both Marc and Steven have blackouts. Why do they not ask themselves or do they not understand that they have another personality? I do not know.

Then in the afterlife, it is assumed that Jake was locked up in a sarcophagus, so they leave him there. But when they come back to life he too will be there.

He was assumed to have remained in that world, but he did not.

Without him the balance, among other things, he still has his balance and his heart becomes complete.

We would think that the best thing for Marc to do it would have been staying dead, with his peace.

They clearly don’t give us this “happy ending”, and it couldn’t all end like this.

I also dedicate a space to Layla, another very interesting character. A woman who loves Marc with her two personalities, so much that she takes a lot of risks.

When she becomes a (temporary?) Avatar too it was very cool, very badass.

Her costume and skills were also noteworthy, as was the final showdown between Ammit and Khonshu.

Ultimately, we could be more in agreement from the point of view of the god, rather than the goddess, since she says that he punishes only after the person has done the evil, but at least he offers the choice to the person.

Ammit punishes before they even do it.

Who knows how we humans might think about these things, which, fortunately, two gods decide, huh?

I can’t wait to see him again, I will miss it. It is quite clear there will be a sequel, after all.



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