#Poetryoftheday:” Rationally”.


It’s not right

Being with those who don’t understand you.


It’s not right


if on the other side

you never see

the possibility that someone

come to meet you.

Rationally it is not fair

Towards ourselves,

love who does not love us

who judges us

who has never understood anything about us

who have you ever

wanted to tolerate us.


It makes no sense to be with whom

He doesn’t want to be with us,

they even make fun of us.

And it is strange to see

Like after a few pleasant moments

Past together,

it all ends in blocks or giggles.

I the people who do that

I’ve never understood it.

The literal version

To spit on the plate you eat.

And U.S

When we see these things

We just want to screw everything up.

Still, I don’t know why

But we can’t give up.

In conclusion

We cannot fool ourselves

And be hypocrites.

We will always hope

To be able to be loved

And give our love

To whom we would like.

Or take us away from here,

that we must forget the pain.


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