The bullshit they tell you.

In this life, I have now understood that the more you listen to a phrase, the more it loses its value, always assuming it ever had it.

I have seen and heard men (never women) stop after a concept, recognizing it as a single and one-sided truth, without ever considering another aspect, or without analyzing it.

Such concepts are often expressed with a false belief or intelligence, a mask, trying to confirm their thesis, because that is what they are desperately clinging to.

In the last 2 years / year and a half, for example, I have often heard the story of the “rational woman” told.

This concept has often been used in a generic and generalizing way, therefore considering a gender, (female), consisting of a characteristic, as if it were a complete scale, 100% percentage, only for them.

Therefore, as if men were consequently, devoid of reasoning or the ability to reason, as if they were therefore made only of instinct and feelings, excluding the woman in this area.

Thus depriving a gender, a person, of his personality and characteristics of him, yes. in short, in a certain way, in my opinion, being a little sexist.

That is, it always expires in generalization, triggering new forms of discrimination and racism.

These ways of thinking, I’m noticing are corrupting people’s minds and ideas. Not having “escape routes”, they use the things they have been told, inculcated, in order to maintain a semblance of normality, for fear of reasoning differently.

It is clear, for those who really want to reason, without necessarily being informed or documented on psychology and education, that there is no person or gender purely characterized by a single way of being.

In addition, life offers many moments and points, in which it is not always possible or necessary to behave in one way.

In moments of particular sensitivity and emotion, it will be difficult to be rational, because we will clearly have a different way of thinking.

This concerns both men and women, without any pathetic and ignorant distinction between the sexes, which shocks me to hear in 2022, as well as all the others.

Like the phantom and legendary superiority between man and woman, man and man, and other bullshit that continues to push away gender equality and equality.

I was lucky (if it can be defined in that way), to have different experiences. Given to them I know, that I, like many people, can react differently in different circumstances.

I know that in some moments I am more emotional, good, charitable.

In others: rational, cynical, severe, bored, apathetic, and aloof.

I know that in some circumstances, it will be more necessary to try to be one way rather than another. If you see a friend in trouble, you will do your best to try and get him out of trouble.

It seems that he is being held in suspense by a woman, by a person who has not yet wanted to be loved, and therefore keeps him like this, in limbo, right?

And we are good at telling him what to do, to get to a point, to understand if he is “yes or no”.

When it comes to us, however, that ability is difficult or impossible to possess. This never means, as is erroneously thought, that we are “superior”.

I have heard, among the numerous crap, that those who see it from the outside have a better point of view.

This is not true, because yes, he is not affected by the feeling, but at the same time he is not able to really understand it.

In the end, all the advice and ideas can be useful, but it is also right that they do not contaminate too much the opinion and sentiment of the person concerned.

In short, it is clear that we have character traits that define our personality, so it could also be said that there are people “tendentially” more inclined towards reason, but this is often confused with maturity.

In fact, being mature does not necessarily mean being more capable of “controlling” one’s emotions, but rather being more capable of understanding them.

Many words that I have heard were often used against me, they stabbed my heart, leading to death.

For this reason, today, when I hear it said for the umpteenth time: “women are rational”, or one in a specific way, I laugh a lot.

Because it is no longer a symptom of being in front of an intelligent person, but in front of one who repeats the things they tell him, like a puppet, not even like a parrot.

There are different methods of learning, mine was not doing like all these, memorizing and repeating without ever understanding the meaning of the terms and concepts, but assimilating it, and being able to do it “mine”. In this way I am truly capable of transmitting the teaching.

Such is true wisdom, so I conceive of knowledge, which I think is always more interesting than the “social network”, where I often see sheep.

And so I am also when I try to to have a real comparison, to make them understand that they must consider the concepts in many respects, instead of closing themselves in a false certainty, for fear of seeing it differently.

After all, a person can only be in one way, throughout his life, in all circumstances of life, yes, in short, in PRACTICE: everyone and ALL have feelings, and you will tell me: “We already know that!”, eh.

You tell all the rabble I have dealt with, my boys.

Everyone is convinced that one can live without it, but it is never possible. Suffering cannot be avoided, and whoever closes himself in “cynicism” is not mature.

He is a pathetic coward who uses excuses for not dealing with life, feelings, emotions, and himself.

As a friend said: in certain circumstances you can never be rational, not 100%, because where the feeling lives, the logical explanation does not exist.

And I add that it is not necessary, not feeling the desperate need to find one.

God bless you.


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