#Review:”Ghostlight” – New Album of Poets of the fall – Great return!

After so many reviews on hip-hop, (and tomorrow there will be the one on Clementino, at least I think). Finally some rock.

My favorite genre group actually moves between various genres: Poets of The Fall.

Known thanks to their song, included in the video game Alan Wake: “War”. From there I started listening to everything and it was a great love that lasted over the years, from 2013 to today.

It is a pleasure for me to bring a review for the first time. And I also pre-ordered one of their CDs. It will be the first to have purchased, having so far only “lived” in music streaming.

I don’t know how well known they are in Italy, but we are not talking about a less famous group, on the contrary …

“Ghostlight” is the name of the band’s new album. I had listened to the single that anticipated it: “Requiem for My Harlequin”, which I liked a lot, so I had good expectations.

Even if the cover didn’t seem like something particularly articulate. But its content was definitely the furthest thing from letting me down.

Apart from the song just mentioned which confirms the style that distinguishes the band, who in the music video, as often happens, have made up and dressed in a very theatrical way (in their music videos very often, the singer in particular, has done a lot often references to the theater or opera), the album begins excellently with: “Firedancer”.

This song engages you and immediately introduces you to the mood of the album, with interesting and effective musical variations, which distinguish the great versatility of the band and the singer.

Marko Saaresto has the ability to change the pitch of his voice in so many ways. We have already seen it on previous albums. It can be more let’s say “normal”, rougher at times, and at other times much sweeter and more melodic.

As we can hear also in the next track: “Sounds of Yesterday”, one of the most beautiful.

In my humble opinion, the first part of the album is the best, there are no songs that are to be “skipped”, the album is very smooth and pleasant, one is captivated by the music and the voice of Marko.

“Ghostlight”, for me, is much better than the previous ones: “Clearview” and “Ultraviolet”, which as much as I liked them too much, not all the songs impressed me in the same way, as they did for “Jelaous Gods. “.

I had the feeling that after: “Herose and Villains”, we move on to another part of the record, maybe a little lighter, literally the second half, or from the sixth track: “Lust for Life”. This should not be considered as a defect, given that in the history of the band, it has always happened to hear such variations, as mentioned above, a sign of the great musical versatility of all the members of the band.

The level remains high, I only preferred the first 5 to the last, but in general little to say to my favorite rock band ..

But, in fact, I perceive it as a “decline”, a separation between the top 5 and the others, I don’t know, maybe it’s my feeling.

And we are certainly not talking about bad songs: “Chasing Echoes”, “Weaver of dreams”, they are splendid.

This “Ghostlight” struck me and I particularly liked it, giving us a renewed, engaging rock sound.

Many of us fans were looking forward to it: music of a higher level.

Glad to have booked the record of such a masterpiece, I can’t wait for it to arrive!

My vote:  8.7 / 10


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Thank you! 🙂


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