You’re way more than all of this.

What are you still doing here? I thought you had dreams, expectations, I thought you wanted to get away from here.

Once I would have been sorry because I would never see you again, then I thought that much would not have happened anyway, and in fact it is not happening …

I’d rather you were somewhere else than still in this dunghill.

Look at this place, take a good look at it because it’s your whole life.

You don’t even realize that it’s all here, to live always doing the same things, always going to the same places, and posting these things on social networks, passing them off as “good life”, a couple of filters are enough, bro.

Look at it well.

And I who thought you wanted to go away, to live a better life, in France, in England, in Bologna, in Milan … In Venice?

And instead, still here.

I always thought, and still think, you were much more than all of this.

But maybe it’s me, who see the beautiful side of people, what they are not able to see.

I am much more than all of this.

I realized that this place doesn’t matter anymore, that things are getting lighter and lighter. I’m healing?

What is life? Going after the “hunks” of the gym, who apart from the body have nothing, they are like women of a certain type, only good for that.

And indeed, you are so much more than all this, my friend. You said you met people who let you down, but the heart belonged to one,

or rather, you know it’s towards her.

You are much more than all of this.

But here they taught you the comfort, the comfort-zone, the place where it doesn’t matter if you have dreams, they will all die.

So who cares about your qualification? You stay doing things that give you little satisfaction and low salaries, yet you are still so young.

Are you perhaps contenting yourself with a home-work-second job stage?

Not even a passion? Nothing that keeps you alive? You are long dead already, I know.

Because in this dimension of three places, you think you are prospering, you think that life already gives you what you need, there is no future, you are already dead.

Dreams? Goals? Who cares, right?

I’ll be the usual crazy “dreamer”, who still works and is committed because unlike you, I’m far away from being satisfied!

Mine are very big dreams, you know?

Much more than just being with the woman I like / love.

Something much more difficult to achieve.

Yet, I feel more alive this way, than to do as you do:

“Hey town, it’s all closed, but we have an open account

Take time, Byzantine mosaics, stroll downtown

Aperitifs, a couple of martinis so you’re happy “.

You are much more than all this, and instead look at yourself: you have been bagged by these 4 bankrupts, who will have the place guaranteed by the daddies, but they have nothing.

You got yourself chained by this place full of pedantic people, but it didn’t even have the guts to finish a school, and now it’s in bars teaching lives they never lived.

To think that you have understood life better than anyone, after reading two pages on Wikipedia.

And do you think they really know better than you, that you live those things for real? Why do you study them? Someone wants to know better than you, about your life, someone wants to know better than you, what you graduated from.

How the fuck do they dare? Have you ever asked it to yourself?

And how is it that you allow them to take your light, to take the piss out of you? To be manipulated like this, my dear?

I would have liked to take you higher, to make you realize how much more you were, and you are. Being able to show you and bring you who you are, where you deserve. But nothing, you gave up.

(And this is not being “rational”, but something else: it means not being anything anymore).

You wanted to get confused in this crap, becoming like them, in mediocrity. “You were beautiful”, now you risk becoming an unknown spot, and the only person in the world to have a good memory of you, I will remain.

You are much more than all of this. Even if you have lost it.

The light that lived in your eyes is fading and I’m afraid you won’t do anything to make it shine.

“Are you okay there with you?”

And you will keep the child, my child, who was looking at your child, and he had fallen in love, with those innocent eyes that he had, turned off, there, somewhere.

And we get lost in memories.

I am much more than all this, because I have never given up. I still have dreams to fulfill, and tying my life to him was just one of many.

And I, I want to reach other heights, I don’t want to say that my life is already over, I still want to go to France.

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