Generalizations annoy me, like those who say: “Women”, as if they were all that way.

Maybe that’s what you frequent.

In reality, the more time passes, the less I want to go after people, their things, and I don’t even try to try to make them understand anything anymore.

I decrease the desire to pay attention to too many things, just as I want to stop thinking, protesting, making people understand that they say that we “invent” things, we “imagine” them.

But I, as a thinker, cannot believe that I have “imagined” things, since I am a rational creature, devoid of madness.

I understand that I cannot be with anyone, as I am with me. That I am now managing to love myself, to prefer my company to that of others, and I am deepening this knowledge, this relationship.

Often the other is heavy on me, what I do gives me little satisfaction.

That’s boring.

On Sunday I saw myself with a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time, and I understand that, despite my eternal optimism, perhaps he is beyond any salvation, any recovery.

Too far gone.

Perhaps by now it is really too late for many things.

The truth is that here there are people who are too dogmatic, too attached to some things that they consider absolute truths, certainties.

“Women want men like this and there”, like necessarily with a job or a specific one, ok.

I reply that one cannot be together with a person for that reason. Let’s reflect: if you stay with a person and you lose your job, then they leave you … what was she? The relationship was based on nothing.

And such relationships exist,

therefore: better not have anything to do with it. If a person loves you, they support you, they don’t leave you if you lose your job, right?

Do women want to be kept? In 2022?

This place is out of date. They break their balls a lot by naming “patriarchy” and all the rest, terms that in their hands, in their mouths, have no value.

I don’t want to live through dogmas, people who every time want to talk only about faults and errors.

“Do you fall in love? Your fault”. Clear.

The further I go, the more I cut.


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