#Review: “Lucifer”.

 I recently finished one of my favorite series: Lucifer, which started shortly before or during the very dear 2020 lockdown.

I had already written a review, but it didn’t do enough justice.

Before telling you my thoughts, I announce the presence of spoilers in it.

The story, as you can perfectly guess from the title, is about Lucifer, the very famous fallen angel, who is on earth, because he simply broke the balls to stay in hell, at least, so it seems.

In the first episode he meets Chloe, the woman who then, well, will be the woman in his life.

I later found out it’s based on a DC character, but it doesn’t seem like that either, honestly. Seems like he’s on his own, he doesn’t have much to do with the superhero world.

It is a series that moves between the thriller, in which almost always a murder has to be solved, in almost all the episodes.

And on the other hand there is religion, fantasy, fallen angels, their disagreements and their humanity.

In fact, demons, angels, supernatural beings are very… human. They are very reminiscent of the gods of Olympus, from this point of view.

However, I am very fascinated by Christian mythology, regardless of faith, it is something that I have always liked.

But the characters in the series are very charismatic, as are the actors. Despite the repetitiveness, let’s say, on the fact that murders are always solved, and the character of Lucifer: obstinate, paranoid, self-centered and often, lack of self-esteem not indifferent.

Yet the devil changes, thanks to Chloe’s love.

He evolves, matures, like every human being, precisely because he comes into contact with them, leaving that dark, repetitive world of hell.

It is as if we remained for centuries in our town that never changes, and we would never make progress, continuing to live in a boring and / or obsolete way.

In fact, this film brings numerous and interesting messages to all of us, even if it’s not all that perfect.

Not all the episodes (but it is clear, with 6 seasons difficult to maintain the same level), they are all done well, you know.

At the plot level we can ask ourselves why they decided not to tell Ella the truth, just as they don’t tell Trixie.

Towards the end, it seems that Dan’s death is a bit forced, I don’t know … but it was okay.

One of the greatest virtues is the development of the characters: they grow, and become more aware. There are many different lives, as well as choices, empathizing with the viewer.

Some of us may find ourselves mirrored in the lives of some of them.

Maze, Lucifer and Amenadiel are like children in the world of human beings, and as such, in fact, they discover, mature and grow.

A series that knows how to entertain, and knows how to create the desire to know more, to continue and finish it.

The end, it left me a bit like this … Rory seemed to be really an enemy of Lucifer, at the beginning, when he says that she is his daughter, we wonder if this is really the case or is it yet another deception that they try to play him … but, I don’t know, hasn’t it been possible to create a temporal paradox?

The girl goes back to the past, unaware of possessing this power, because for some mysterious reason, her father (Lucifer) abandoned her before she was born.

Then it turns out that she is the cause of her, but knowing the truth, she decides to leave things as they went, as if they were already predestined to live those situations.

 Are we really free, or was it Rory’s will that Chloe and Lucifer decide not to change anything?

The series asks us several questions, if we want to analyze them from a philosophical and religious point of view, admitting one thing that could be inadmissible for those who are believers: the imperfection of God.

The plot is full of ideas, therefore, and of particularities, and it is right that it ended in a very “and they lived happily ever after” (more or less) way in a very romantic way. Lucifer and his woman are not together “forever”, that is she alive, on earth, as a “normal” family, but forever.

And maybe there wasn’t much more to say, the TV series didn’t know what else it could give us, after all. Perhaps the ideas would not be lacking, but who knows? Perhaps it would have become too exaggerated, my guess.

It’s better that way.

My final grade 9/10… actually there would be too much to say, but I want to limit myself to this, because I would risk becoming pedantic and verbose.

However, thank you for the emotions of these two years, with lots of laughter, emotion and action.


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Thank you!


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