#Review: Morbius – Nothing special, really!

Here we are in theaters watching the new Sony film, dedicated to a character I had never heard of before: Morbius.

Interpreted by a quite fitting Jared Leto, an actor I have seen several times, but I never like him at the level of others, he seems not to convince me particularly, but he was good.

The story tells of these two boys, born with a disease that does not allow them to walk well, they always use braces to be able to stand and walk. They meet as children: Michael Morbius and Milo, aka Lucien Crown, in an institution that exists to assist them.

Both of unspecified origins and families, they live fighting against this disease and create a very strong bond, like brothers.

One day, Michael will save his friend’s life by fixing a hospital car that was attached to his arm. From that event, we understand that the child is a little genius, in fact he will become an excellent doctor and scientist.

But I’m not here to tell you the whole film, in short, I could do spoilers, though, so read it if you’ve seen it or after you’ve done it.

First of all it was a pleasure to see on the big screen for the first time (for me), Matt Smith, known primarily as one of the Doctors.

In fact, seeing him as a villain was really weird, after seeing him as the great hero of Gallifrey for so long.

However, as bad, really not bad.

And as an actor I have always preferred him, who among other things, also has a bit of a resemblance to an old friend, with whom I should have the same bond as Michael has with Milo, but obviously, with differences.

The plot is not bad. Michael basically seeks a cure for their diseases, and he thinks he can solve it by mixing human blood with that of vampire bats.

In fact, the disease they suffer from is degenerative, according to Dr. Morbius, they could be better off compensating for their lack in the blood with that of other living beings.

Lucien is somehow rich, and finances the research of his friend, who, however, after the experiment on himself discovers that he has become a monster, a vampire, a little different from the classics, and even from those of Twilight.

He has superpowers: stronger, faster, he has the radar of bats, but he has a great thirst for blood. He fights against time, noting that by drinking the mixed blood he can keep the wild side of him at bay, but the length of hours he manages to do so decreases as time goes on.

In short, in the end Milo discovers the existence of this cure and takes it, despite his friend having forbidden it to prevent him from becoming like him, but it will be even worse. He becomes the villain, a vampire who kills for fun and not just hunger, who gets excited by his strength and wants to force Morbius to see her as him.

To do this, he basically kills all the people he cares about. It all ends in a final battle, in which Morbius controls bats to keep him still (and even with some unspecified superpower), injects him with something harmful to animals, a kind of poison, and finally, he dies.

No particular twist, and nothing unseen. Pretty predictable storyline too, where you quickly figure out who’s going to be the villain.

Sliding film and not too long, in which we can find special effects, scenes, lights and the like as the greatest value.

A dark atmosphere, in fact, vampire. It could be said that Dr. Morbius is the “real” Batman.

There is no cry for a masterpiece, not even on the contrary, a 7.5-8 film.

PS: I realized that some scenes have been cut, in fact … the line in which he says: “I’m Venom”, without the sequel, didn’t work that much, just by itself.

But, if you’ve seen it, let me know your opinion!


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Thank you!


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