#Whitepaper:”Useless Conversations”.

It is disarming to have discussions that in the end lead nowhere, that when they finish you just think: “so what?”

Was it really necessary to face certain discussions? Without a real solution or ideas? Period and return.

Speeches that – among other things – seem to want to lead you to a way of thinking, only to question yourself, as if I didn’t have a shit to do, and I would have to invent inconveniences, doubts and problems.

Who knows, maybe in the lives of others these things are unreal. It is a pity for the people who live them to be very real.

And I stay here, with my hands and arms open, to remind me that it is better for me to avoid certain discussions and certain people, pointing out my thought that someone has deceived and betrayed me, that this someone thinks they are continuing to do so, to manipulate me, that unfortunately there is something evil inside people.

After all, you also lose the desire to explain yourself, to say to someone: << You see that I’m not an idiot>>.

The answer would be full of pompous terms, for having to make his position SEEM to be better than mine.

In short, the more I’m moving forward, the more I’m understanding that with people it’s better not to talk about anything, if not bullshit.

Let’s run away from these people, I tell you.

Or let’s keep them, for the few things they are good for: company, laughter, but nothing else.

And honestly it’s sad.


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