#Review:”Turning Red”.

Italian version


The new Pixar film, Red, has great ideas, but also great similarities to others of the same house. We have a story already heard: the little girl / boy who is at odds with some member of her family, with whom in the end, somehow he will make peace.

Similarities with “Onward”, with “Luca” that I have reviewed as well, therefore, in many respects, nothing new.

Some dynamics change, however.

Female protagonist and all the main characters are women or girls.

It is “Turning Red”, in which Meilin “Mei”, a person who has just entered the adolescent period, in addition to facing the new difficulties that this moment of life has, also wants to go to the concert of his idols, which his mother considers, however, something of very little educational.

She is an old-fashioned woman, she fits in, also considering that it is set in the past, 2002. At the time, I was 13 too, in fact.

This makes us think that the protagonist should be about the same age as me, you think.

She, her father and mother, run a temple that cares for the cult of the “red panda”, with no gods but their ancestors.

At one point, Mei wakes up transformed into a red panda, but not in her real size, but big and big as a bear.

(The red pandas, as you can see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_panda are much smaller).

It turns out that this transformation was wanted by an ancestor of theirs, who asked the gods to have the power to transform into this beast to protect the family from bandits and other enemies, in times of wars in China (I suppose it is there, but not I clearly have absolute certainty).

This power has been passed down through the generations, apparently, affecting female members only.

However, the human who comes into contact with the beast can cause the difficulty of controlling this imbalance, every time you feel intense emotion, you are transformed.

They can make sure to seal the power in some object, Mei at first can’t wait to get rid of it, then she will use the power for her own profit and somehow become attached to that side, which also caused a change temperament, making her less shy, more self-confident and determined.

In short, in the end she will want to keep her transformation of hers, she becomes really capable of managing it, but her mother will not agree …

Eventually, after a big fight (without giving you all the details), she will be all for the best.

As mentioned, it is a story very similar to the others, with these contrasts between parents and children, as in the case of Luca, in fact.

It is very pleasant and smooth, also quite short, not too heavy.

However, these are the opinions of a 30-year-old who still looks at things like this, if a child saw them, he would not notice the similarity between one film and another.

After all, those with notable particularities are not many, it is normal.

But I suppose they wanted to give a great role to women, showing us strong ones, in fact the character of Mei’s mother and her husband are very different, but this does not seem to take anything away from anyone.

If we wanted to find some nit, we could assume that this film is a hymn to feminism, but let’s not pay too much attention to it.

Of course, it would be easy if all of us could have a few “red pandas”, to change our lives more easily, huh?




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