#poetryoftheday:” Distrust”.

Original version


I have lost my trust in people a little,

I have become suspicious.

Now I want to talk only with me,

because it’s always in here,

that I find the truth.


someone always changes it.

Because you see, they don’t care about you

And they have no problem betraying you,

stabbing in the back.

I thought I gave my life,

my secrets,

in the right hands …

but none are.

I no longer trust,

I have lost even more faith

in humanity.

From dreams in the drawer,

we moved on to hold them tightly in our hands.

And now I know

That there are few people to count on,

It is probably,

even less, those to love.

It’s just me, in the end.

I understand that nobody is to be trusted,

if not of ourselves.


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