#PoetryoftheDay:” One more Light”.

Original version


The lights that go out,

one after the other

and the world

who looks at them with indifference.

Who cares, after all,

if many lose something

if so many suffer?

Who cares, right?

When the sadness

Or something similar

It is not understood

Even if it’s in the spotlight?

Who cares

If another light goes out?

They all think there is

Something more important than our life.

This world of today,

who no longer wants to understand

he no longer has eyes to look at

and ears to hear.

We are in a hurry,

we are cynical,

you no longer think of anything or anyone.

Dust in the eyes.

And who is left without the things they loved

He just has so much anger

And resentment inside.

It’s the lights that go out,

who cares,

Well, I do.

I care.

“Who cares if one More light goes out?”

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