#Review:”The Batman”.

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For those who loved Nolan’s trilogy, it was a little guessed that this film would not stand up to comparison, but it is “our fault” that we load the new films with expectation, which we do now, all too often. We are a bit of a victim of nostalgia. Few times in history has a peak been exceeded.

And so far, only Nolan’s films are at that high level. All lovers of the “masked bat” will agree on this.

Now, I’ve heard some really heavy criticisms from friends, but I’ll tell you mine: after all, it wasn’t all that horrible.

Yes, of course, full of defects that we are going to analyze, but it also has advantages. (I play with the famous phrase: “but it also has flaws) …

What immediately catches the eye? The slowness of the character. In the scene where he appears it takes TOO long to appear. A very cool entry on the scene, very little “Batman-like”.

I do not know if the choice is the director or the screenwriter, but perhaps they do not know the dark knight well enough, who often, indeed, does not get noticed by criminals.

But his appearance was tedious, he also fights slowly, mah!

I assumed that he did this to create that “suspense” (failing miserably), to show us that criminals should “shit on each other”, but nothing: smoke, shit.

The second thing that is quite open to criticism is precisely the choice of the actor. He is not evil, on the contrary … the problem, however, is that he was not very suitable to be the dark knight, nor to be the Bruce Wayne.

As I said ironically: “Batman Emo”, but it’s true. The first time we see him with black eye pencil or whatever makeup is.

And then usually he is a serious person, who has a business life, a representation of the city, trying to follow in the footsteps of his deceased father, but what does he do? He doesn’t give a damn; never seen a Bruce Wayne do it, ever.

In short, if the actor is not already suitable, the way in which they wrote the character does not help him, unfortunately. Yet it didn’t take much to correct him. Without these two things, who knows? Perhaps even Robert Pattinson could have made a better interpretation.

Weak scenes of pathos, a slow film and a not very charismatic villain are other not indifferent flaws. The riddler is weak. He has no bite, it’s ridiculous, after all. He does not even seem to possess the intelligence that made him carry out the plan he set in motion.

Maybe the film was even stretched more than it should, not a broth, but a broth, guys.

Another scene where he is slow is when he goes to get the penguin. I repeat: attempts to make it more epic? No, because I repeat that they have been TEDIOSED.

Yet yes, despite all this mountain of “shit”, now you have reached the bottom, where I give you the positivity.

The film is interesting because in any case it gave us new, different points of view.

Although that was what I said above, seeing a Batman that was different from the standards was still interesting, a darker one, he could also have been there if he had been managed better and made more charismatic too.

And I have to say that this Gotham setting and the special effects didn’t bother me. The Selina Kyle of this film was still very good. The other characters were better than the main ones in practice.

The ending, in which Batman is recognized as the hero of the city, wasn’t bad either. I enjoyed that moment more than the rest of the film.

Boring “the long goodbye” between him and Selina. Was it really necessary? Love born with not so precise reasons, but it’s nothing strange, even in comics it’s a bit like that, in my opinion.

In short, a lot of boredom, but also happiness for having seen something outside the usual patterns. If they make a new one, and have heard the criticism, they already know what to improve. The problem lies in IF they will make one after these things.

Maybe the film will be even more successful than it seems, but I repeat that they absolutely have to make some changes.

My grade was from 6 to 7, and so it remains.

See y’all next time!

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Thank you!


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