#Poetryoftheday:”Point of no return”.

Original version.

I stayed that way

In this change,

in this dismay.

It will never be the same

you can change in life,

you can make a different rhyme.

I know they won’t be there anymore

Some smiles,

certain hugs.

Everything vanishes,

it is the heart that you unfasten.

And then you have to change your shoes,

and her laces.

And the feelings, you crush them.

I have become different,

a point of no return.

For every bullshit they said

And it wasn’t a real horn.

I still hope something

May there be one day

Without turning around,


Unfortunately, after certain experiences, I am realizing that I have become something or someone who no longer has the desire or the possibility to be as good as before. The naivety was perhaps negative, but it also gave you the possibility of being able to believe, also see something other than the wickedness, the evil of the people.

I know that certain things, like certain people, will never come back, and it is irrational to believe that they can, instead.

We humans are like that, after all, aren’t we? We are rational and not, in fact.

But I know that now this way I have changed is how I am now. There is no return.

And you can die round, if you are born a little square.

Maybe with rounded sides.



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