#Whitepaper:”Right or Wrong”.

Original version.

There is no “right or wrong”, if each point of view can have its reasons, if you can never give a total percentage of right or wrong.

We cannot run away from ourselves, just as we cannot cancel or completely erase a wrong or a reason, we cannot justify a person, make him free from guilt, because when it happens to do bullshit or wrongs, he always has some on one side and a little on the other.

I happened to hear stories or comparisons, in which there was a tendency to justify or protect a person from any wrong, only as a woman and consequently, it was never possible to find a truly objective analysis. Men (myself included) often become weak and blind to the truth.

I remember and I will not forget, that I tried to explain the mistakes of a person whom I considered to be a trusted person and he said:

– What did she do wrong?

In a defiant tone, of one who does not allow replies. And from my silence that followed, he will also have been convinced that he has conquered reason.

Instead, I was realizing that there was nothing more to do, that no matter how hard you struggle, things don’t change. That certain mentalities remain firm and calibrated.

So I remained silent, I realized that there was nothing more to say. And I realized that my trust had been misplaced, not so much because someone could betray me, but because I was dedicating my time to those who had never been willing to listen.

Given that here people feel the need to bully, to be right, but no one is ever really willing to put themselves in the other’s shoes.

It’s nice to tell myself that I am selfish, that I can’t do it and constantly say that what I do, I think, feel is “patently wrong”.

And it is wonderful to see the exact same things done for which I am criticized, it is preached well, it scratches itself VERY BAD.

Funny having to say it myself, the one who for a long time was considered very little “rational”, and “not very cynical” and now, I find myself more than those who “expected” me to be.

After all, it all depends on how a story is told, right? So that everyone can always be right, have the reason from him, or have the protection of those who think, and say: “poor thing”.

When poor bastards like me, whom no one looks in the face, everyone wants to tell us what to do, how to live, what to think … well, they are left alone and understand that deep down, they always have been.

That the only one who can really help me is just me, who if you want to help you do it by supporting, but never disrespecting the other person, repeating to him that what he thinks, what he believes is wrong, being presumptuous, bold and wanting to preload , convinced that he is right.

We are all good at being do-gooders and tolerant ones when it comes to things that do not concern us directly, taking and defending the Ukrainian “brothers”, for example, who did not shit before, but there is: it is VERY GOOD to do it right now.

The problem is, you get the stench of hypocrisy once again.

And I feel like I’ve been fooled again, thinking about how many things could have been avoidable, that certain relationships could have continued, that they are over … for a mental wank.

And I still have optimism inside me, I still love, I hope nothing bad happens to anyone, I, considered the violent.

And when I started thinking about it, hoping that nothing bad will happen with this war … thinking about who I still love, I realized how much, in fact, I really loved him, and it has always been like that.

Because when you have a pure, spontaneous feeling, after you eliminate the corruption, the things with which it has been intoxicated, contaminated, it returns in its entirety.

And there are things you can’t escape from.

For me, the truth is precisely that of a feeling that was born without “why”, while I navigate between rationality and not, understanding that – unlike what TOO MANY thinks – how there is no point of view more “RIGHT”, the same thing goes for the feeling and the reason, it is not that one thing is better than the other.

After all…

“As long as he holds his heart,

See you around,

with mine, with your fears

.. They called it livin’ “.


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