#Whitepaper:”In the end, Why Am i so amazed?”

Original version.

Why am I so amazed, in the end? After all, if I still see people who have remained mentally behind, if there is no progress, and I have the capacity, in my opinion, knowing full well that I have defects and limitations, that I have made a mistake and continue to do so and can I still be limited and immature in many ways?

But, at least, I say to myself: I can understand it, I have the key.

And if a part of me once hoped that there could be a way, that someone I loved, in life, maybe one day would regret it, would understand, I realize that such a thing is almost impossible.

I see people much older than me, or quite elderly, who, listening to them and seeing them, seem to be dealing with children.

People who get married, and after a short time divorce, or who in any case make decisions of enormous responsibility, and then not carry them out, changing life and the scenario, (and not only), literally like changing your underwear, come on.

And I still get pissed off, and I know I shouldn’t care, but in the end, inside of me, I know very well that somehow, I cared about something, someone, and I still take it.

I should stop.

Just as I should stop a lot of things and also be nervous, but there is always some reason to get pissed off.

And I know that those who we thought were good people will only make one person “wrong” by isolating them, and being really mean to them.

I know that, in fact, when I see that in a situation, they want to make sure that the person who comes out badly is only one, they want to manipulate the general / public opinion so as not to show THEIR dirty laundry.

And I still am surprised …

Or maybe not, after all, I can’t stand fighting for these things anymore. I am more and more convinced that it is not worth it.

Although it is always difficult to recover from bad times. It seems that you recover, then you ricardi in something, you are always weak, without energy.

Then you recover, and it seems that you are very strong for a while, there is no balance.


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