#Review:”The Witcher Season 2″

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The second season, dedicated to the homonymous work by Andrzej Sapkowski, has interesting elements.

Events happen that are also present in the books, however, they are told differently.

Beware of any spoilers!

For example, Ciri meets Nivellen, this happens in the first episode, in the book this does not happen, it is always and only Geralt who meets the man / monster, alone.

Indeed, in the book the princess has not yet appeared in the life of the witcher, in these events.

It can be said that, fundamentally, the TV series is as if it were an alternative world, which tells similar events, with the various books mixed together, even those that I have not read, there are in fact events and characters that do not exist in the written series. , like Istredd.

After all, even the video game series presents an alternate but still plausible story. After all Geralt lives for centuries, you can create a lot on a character like that.

The show has a great quality. Let’s talk about Henry Cavill, an excellent actor, who, in my opinion, knows how to do Geralt, knows how to put himself in the shoes of the witcher, his character, his way of doing, his reserve and his eternal balance between right and wrong.

The witcher is a great antihero, does his job as a monster hunter, and very often clashes with the morality and various intrigues of humans.

If it depended on him, he would probably just kill monsters, take care of Ciri, and that’s it, basically.

Apart from the protagonist, the rest of the cast is very good, high levels even from those characters who appear less, still remain in your mind.

Here I open a parenthesis, then there is something that also connects to the discussions I have read about the elves of the Lord of the Rings: in my opinion there is a forcing to call actors belonging to certain ethnic groups or skin colors.

They are excellent, so nothing wrong with that, the problem is not that, but my personal concern for what the world of show business and entertainment is becoming / will become.

Like when I read that to dub characters from the Simpsons or other, belonging to certain ethnic groups, you need people who are too.

But for me this limits a lot, also because in this way the inequalities are widening, and not narrowing, you understand?

So will there be a need for white voice actors for the white characters? But if one is good at it, who cares, in short, which category does he belong to?

In short, I am concerned about this need (very little necessary) to homologate.

However, apart from this parenthesis, the quality of the series is high, both visually and audibly. Excellent soundtrack, which accompanies the various events, and adventures.

This second series was much more focused on Ciri than the first, as it should be. Even the books from a certain point on, focus a lot on the girl.

However, it was also nice, like in the first two games, to vary a little, and maybe shed some light on other aspects too: like, in the first series we see Geralt’s mother.

In fact, there is a huge mystery about the origins of the character, which I have read that is revealed in some books, alas NOT translated into Italian.

I hope it can be picked up later, this thing.

After seeing it, I wonder if in the end we fans will be able to prefer the TV series, over video games or books, if these variations from the original plot are a good thing.

For me, yes, anyway, since maybe the story, if it goes differently, can also end the same way. It’s like it gives us the opportunity to see what would have happened if the characters had made different choices, a “What If …”, in a way.

I give a 9/10, and look forward to the next few seasons.

From someone who has read books and played games, I can tell you that so far, I have preferred the paper format of the story.

See y’all time, anyway.



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