#PoetryoftheDay:”Losing My Life”.

Original version.

After all this time,

after all this crime,

after all my mistakes,

I know what it’s true,

I know what is fake.

I’ve lost myself

Then I found him again.

I’ve blamed myself,

Then I didn’t no more,

I look at my remains.

Now I know,

there’s nothing worth

losing my life,

losing the willing to live,

even if I don’t have a wife,

even if I have nothing to give.

I’ve lost myself into despair,

into oblivion,

now I’m walking this stair,

of all of this, I’m the scion.

I don’t want

Anything to tame my breath away,

no more, no more,

no more pain,

no more blame,

I don’t want to lose myself into the darkness,

nothing is worth

all this madness.

Nothing is worth losing our lives, and ourselves.


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