#Poetryoftheday:”Where is the Love?”

We talk so much

About love,

But where is it?

In this Valentine’s day,

it looks like it gone astray.

I’d say,

take my hand,

take me away.

Dress yourself

Of your best smile,

stay with me for a while.

Dear love,

I looked for you,

in people who doesn’t know your name,

sho think you have

not a good fame.

And in the bad days,

you’re the one o blame,

all yours in the shame.

In the eyes

And in the hearts of people,

where i searched for you,

there was just a great emptiness,

they don’t believe in you,

they look so powerless,

so meaningless,

do they really live in peace,

or great madness?

We talk about love,

but where is the love?


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