#TvSeriesReview:” #WandaVision”

After having seen almost all the Marvel movies, and having noticed a great seriousness and badassery, it was strange to start this series, which begins as a sit-com, which in the first episodes, makes you die of laughter.

One senses, however, that there are many things that do not add up …

Beware of spoilers, as usual …

What are we talking about? Wanda Vision, the TV series starring Wanda and Vision. After the events of Infinity War and Endgame, in which we had seen the artificial being die badly at the hands of our “beloved” Crazy Titan, as soon as the series begins, one begins to ask several questions, like how can he still be alive, and how come we are in the past.

The best thing about the beginnings, the first episodes, in fact, is that they entertain us a lot, not only to make us laugh, but also to create a strong aura of mystery behind Wanda’s fate, after the blip.

Going forward, one senses that something was wrong, the idea that one has is that they live in an illusory world …

This series focuses on a character who didn’t have much space in the movies, making us better know the “Scarlet Witch”, as she will be nominated at the end of the season. She is one of the Avengers, but, deep down, she just wants a quiet life in a small town with her family.

Thus refusing her role, initially, as a superheroine. She lives in the despair of having lost her brother, the man she loved, and when she was little, her parents. You have the real possibility of isolating yourself in another world, avoiding reality, alienating it for real.

Which is psychologically very dangerous, which many do, but without magical powers.

However, the woman since she is in this village where she brainwashed the inhabitants, sooner or later will be disturbed by someone, and at the end of the series, she recovers, and becomes stronger, colliding with the real bad, a real witch: Agatha Harkness, who reveals to ours that she is the “Scarlet Witch”, a witch with enormous powers, capable of changing the fate of the world …

Like other series, including Loki, we understand that this series is preparation for the new Marvel Cinematic Universe, with these new superheroes.

Like the aforementioned series, it held me back, and gave me the “hunger” to keep watching more episodes in succession, and “devour it” in no time.

There is this gradual change from this “sit-com”, to then become, in fact, an action-packed series, it was a rather original and interesting narrative choice, applause to the authors.

Perhaps the villain was not particularly charismatic, albeit interesting since it introduces, among other things, the existence of magic and witches, and the other, who re-created Vision, seems to us just a jerk.

Maybe these are the only pseudo-defects… anyway I absolutely recommend to look at it.

Final vote: 8.5 / 10

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