#PoetryoftheDay: “Overstimate Love”

Oh, my dear, sweet feeling,

you left with my heart bleeding.

Object of my desire,

That I can only admire.

I always thought

You’d be my medicine,

my best scene.

But maybe, I misjudged you.

I Overstimated love,

considering it as the only thing above.

I trust it too much,

as the solution to every problem,

to everytime the heart is broken.

To every feeling that’s been stolen,

Not made of stone, not a golem.

Now, I know, I can live without you,

now I know I rely on you too much.

I can renounce,

I know I wanted you, once.

I feel reborn, now,

we’ll see each other again, somehow,

we’ll meet, in some street,

we’ll smile, we’ll smile at each other,

and, as in the end of this poetry, you already got it:

we’ll love each other.


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