#Review:”The Office U.S.”

 I had started this series some time ago, then interrupted, then resumed and ended.

One of the cult sitcoms, which seems to have become more popular lately than when it aired.

Probably due to the fact that before, there was no streaming, and it was not on Netflix … In fact, I started and finished watching first videos.

It was born after the British one, in which Ricky Gervais appears, and they say that the UK one is better, yet this seems to have become more spoken, more famous.

The format is very similar or the same to that of Modern Family, and in fact we also have here the parts in which the characters start talking to the cameras, as interviewees, as happens.

A new thing compared to classic sitcoms like “Friends” and “How I met Your Mother”. In fact, there are no recorded laughter, which I have always seen as a virtue rather than a defect.

Beware of plot spoilers, before continuing, finish the series.

Yes, because when you hear that thing, it seems that they are saying to you: “here, you have to laugh here!”, Although you do not always enjoy the joke, as it happens in: “The Office” and also in “Modern Family”.

Very often there are scenes that I suppose should make me laugh but they never had that effect on me, in fact it is better that there are no laughter and applause, but in classic sitcoms, at times, they were probably an incentive.

The choice is yours as to what is better or worse.

“The Office” has no less than 9 seasons, with a fairly simple story, sometimes a little repetitive, but funny, all in all.

I already tell you that, however, the absence of Michael Scott from the 7th season onwards, makes you lose a little. Ed Helms is a good actor, but he doesn’t hold a candle to his predecessor as a manager.

Plus I didn’t understand the story with Erin: that is, first he leaves his girlfriend he was about to marry, to get back together with her ex, as many of us had understood, and perhaps hoped, only to break up again? So what’s the point of doing all that? It just seems like a useless forcing.

Among other things, the Erin-Peter couple does not convince me at all. The girl “falls to me” as a character in recent seasons, also because she does something to Andy that happened to me too: she tries to drive and almost force her partner just left, to make him believe that the matter is “nothing serious “And easily overcome, without giving him the time to feel bad, to metabolize.

To me this thing made the impression that Erin had only the selfish desire to feel better about herself, trying to manipulate Andy, who later, in fact, “takes revenge” (and is good for me, in my opinion).

More than criticizing her character, I should take it out on those who made this narrative choice that doesn’t seem to have a big sense, honestly.

Was it because they realized they would somehow replicate Jim & Pam if Andy and Erin stayed together?

In fact, the first few seasons are my favorites. I was totally on Halpert’s side. And, in my opinion, if you love someone there is no excuse for them, whether they are engaged or not, you try to go against any difficulty. In some cases it will be wrong, but we are human, and so it goes.

Long live the romanticism, and down with the false moralisms. I believe that each of us, if he had found himself in the boy’s place, would have tried. It is useless to try to mask it.

In fact, the situation between the two and the one that holds up the first seasons and the characters, the entire series together with Michael Scott and Dwight. The others do not have the same depth and charisma, after all.

I repeat: Steve Carell’s absence is felt very much.

He ends well, indeed, very well. The main characters all have their “happy ending”, with a renewed, happy Dwight. In fact, perhaps his aggressive nature was perhaps also influenced by his professional and sentimental dissatisfaction that he resolves in the end.

In fact it is really strange to see him so condescending at the end, when Jim & Pam decide to change cities and jobs.

The last episode makes his very worthy appearance for the last time Michael, the icing on the cake on an excellent ending.

In short, he didn’t always make me laugh, I didn’t always like him very much, but “The Office” still deserves to be watched. It is not too demanding, quite smooth and enjoyable.

Final grade: 7.5 / 10.



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