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There are people in the world who have not realized that they have only balanced one side of their life, and have often ignored the rest.

People who do not understand that they can live it all together, that for example, it is not certain that there is only sex without love, and vice versa. But here we are in a world that is becoming more and more cynical, and at times, even I believe that I am becoming.

Yes, in short, imagine seeing people who give importance not predominantly, but only to one side of their life: career, relationships, hobbies … but you can’t live ignoring the other parts of yourself. If you live for years, giving up a part of you, sooner or later the needs, the desires, which you have set aside will return, and they will want “revenge”.

And you will probably be full of regrets, thinking of all those times you could have simply avoided it, made a different choice, reasoned differently.

How do you live by giving space only to a part of us, I wonder? How do you live hanging on one side only? Don’t you feel the imbalance? Yes, don’t you feel yourself falling?

The substance is always the same, after all, isn’t it? Never really understand much in life.

It was so good a while ago, when you just needed to know that you had to find a job, a woman, get married, have children, and that was it.

But humanity has inevitably complicated its life, and we must ask ourselves at a certain point: “was it really necessary?”

The famous progress is giving us new questions, to which again, we have no answer. It looks like we stayed in a cave, even though we live in very tall skyscrapers.

And as when we were in the Middle Ages, we are always afraid that the world could end at any moment, what is really happening?

Do you ever really go on in the end, even if you have to? Maybe they fill our heads with a lot of bullshit, but the truth is that nothing really goes away.

I will always think about those people who are no longer there, I will always think that there could have been a better way.

I will always think about dead people, really go away. I will always think of my friend, even if not every day, but the memory comes back, the “nostalgia that fucks us”.

The pain simply subsides, but with the passage of time, the things that we are unable to face, to overcome, increase.

Of course, it would be easy to say that there is a solution to see that person again, even if she is gone forever (yes, even if she is not dead).

And it would be easy to want to say what you wanted, just to find another way to close, and … the right one.

I wonder and I ask you, however, in this world full of selfishness, if it would ever be possible, if not somehow miraculous.

Nonsense, right? Are we all selfish or not? Basically, I believe that we are, but that there is no imbalance in life.

There is no such thing as a person is 100% ONLY one way. And so it cannot always be, even if it is in a moment.

Whoever is in a relationship not for love, will sooner or later look for him somewhere else, but how many years will he have wasted, and how many people who really loved him will he have left behind?

And maybe no one will give a damn, but I do, and I cry. I feel bad for all those who believe they are doing well in this way …

And I know I can’t and will never do anything for them… in the end, maybe we’re not selfish, maybe we just become.

Take care of yourself. They say life is short.

Save yourselves before you are empty.

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