Review of “Invincible” (Amazon Prime Original)

An animated series that has become very famous in recent times, several memes have been created from many scenes, which were in much more tragic moments, and which were not funny.

What are we talking about today? From the cartoon on Amazon Prime: “Invincible”, coming from a comic series of the same name.

He is a very young superhero, adolescent, who possesses superpowers: he can fly, and levitate, he has the super strength, and more that I will tell you later. (watch out for spoilers, as always).

Since it was a cartoon, I expected something much lighter, and instead, already from the first episode I notice that it is much more splatter than I thought.

Blood everywhere, beheadings, organs being scattered… let’s just say we’re not in the light, it doesn’t really look like baby stuff. I was used to something less gory, if I think of superheroes, you don’t happen to see all of this.

We are on planet earth, and there are several people who possess powers (we don’t know how), so our young protagonist (Mark Grayson) is not the only one.

He is the son of the strongest man: Omni-Man, who always appears in the most critical situations on the planet, looks almost like the “good” J. Jonah Jameson. Perhaps he is the variant of the world of “Invincible”, (and it will be no coincidence that he is voiced by the actor who portrayed the infamous journalist).

The story is very simple: the young man is the classic shy and insecure teenager, who admires his very strong father, and would like to be like him.

One day, in fact, he will discover that he has the same powers, and his father (Nolan Grayson, who is not an earthling, declares to be there with the excellent intentions of helping humanity), begins to teach him to be able to better manage them. .

Yet our “Invincible” holds little faith in his nom de guerre. Very often he takes them, and risks dying, he is young and inexperienced, otherwise, it seems, he would be as strong as his father. In fact, he is also duped, and tries to win against very strong villains, who will slaughter him and his fellow superheroes, in such a gory and violent way that I wonder how the f ** k they managed to survive.

After all, he and other young people had been called to defend the land, since in a very mysterious way, the oldest and strongest were killed.

It turns out, towards the end of the series, that Omni-Man is actually an alien with very different intentions. In fact, he comes from Viltrum, he is a race of the most powerful beings in the universe who have already destroyed and conquered several planets.

It turns out that he was the one who killed the “older” superheroes, to weaken the earth’s defenses, in order to facilitate its invasion.

The cartoon made no secret of this, after all we see the scene in which he kills them in a cruel, ruthless, sadistic way. We viewers know the truth, but not the characters.

In the end they will try to stop him, even the son who is quite messy and incapable. And perhaps it will be the inability to kill him that will make Omni-Man fly away. Perhaps he loved his son and his wife, and hesitated for many years before doing his “duty”.

The first series ends like this, Mark wants to get stronger, and his father is gone. It would be his desire to bring his father home, and live happily again, together.

The series is very well animated, the episodes still make you want to know more. The cruel violence that can be seen makes you a little ridiculous, because it is strange to see superheroes kill or be killed in this way. It is mainly “the bad guys” who do it, but … nothing. I guess my idealism about more “traditional” superheroes is too ingrained to see this.

In fact, I guess he wanted to distinguish himself from the Marvel-DC giants, in this way. When had you ever seen things like this in the world of the vigilantes, the champions of justice? It is practically a world with more “mature” superheroes, more realistic, and villains who are more violent, less indirect.

In short, if a Green Goblin were here, they would try to kill spider-man in a more physical way, and not attacking his loved ones.

(Which makes us think that even, MAYBE, classic superheroes are luckier. Paradoxical!)

Quite interesting story, even if not very innovative, the characters are well characterized, and space is not given only to the protagonist, but also to the others. Although, for me, Mark is definitely the most interesting.

In short, it is a series that is for adults, the superhero who just can’t limit himself to arresting the supervillains.

And if you have seen it, what have you thought of it? Let me know in the comment section!


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