One-Way Street.

I would like to go back

To tell me not to takesome roads,

not to make some choices.

When I look back,

I could think that that long narrow,

in which I had entered,

would have destroyed me,

sooner or later.

And here we are:

I wanted to tell me:

“This one-way street,

it will lead you to death,

you will never be satisfied,

you will never know the truth ”.

After this time,

I would like to meet you,

but I know they will never tell me,

or very hardly.

In this game of masks,

that now I understand, for sure,

after all the wounds inflicted,

after I’ve been

a puppet in the hands of others.


I was the first to believe,

that in this world, there can be no people,

capable of manipulating us,

and instead there are many in these parts.

They are all ready,

to take a little life,

to squeeze your joy from the heart,

and wanting to see you fall.

And I stay here,

in this twilight,

I am the result of what has been done to me.


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