Cobra kai: Season 4 Review.

Today we review season 4 of “Cobra Kai”.

The series is a sequel to “Karate Kid”. Many years later, Johnny Lawrence appears, who is the protagonist (or co-star) of the series, along with Daniel-san.

Beware of spoilers in the review!

Let’s summarize:

After John Kreese takes the dojo away from Johnny Lawrence, the latter joins forces with Daniel Larusso, or so it seems.

Let’s immediately talk about what are or could be considered the worst flaws of the series:

The fact that Daniel and Johnny never manage to get along, experiencing this … at times boring, repetitive stubborn rivalry.

They make peace, then argue over and over: their relationship oscillates between the (apparently) willingness to make peace, to become friends or almost, to behave like adults, and between the obstinate way of seeing things. Daniel, thinking that Myagi-Do is the best or only way to live, to be disciplined in karate.

This situation has become quite cloying. It also seems too forced, for the purposes of the plot.

Because it is understood that in some way the two had to oppose each other, because (probably) they would have really won against the Cobra Kai.

The second major flaw is the repetitiveness of the story. Which binds us a bit to the first point, but in the end there are always these guys who meet, fight each other, always ends up in the tournament.

But this thing is not necessarily a fault, after all, let’s remember that the most successful anime series in history is repetitive to scandalous levels: Dragon Ball.

But these defects are saved by the merits:

There are small, minimal changes in the plot, which are carried out especially by the boys, by the young students, who should be the real protagonists of the story.

Samantha Larusso, was first a girl who was a snob, she used to hang out with the cool, wealthy and even a little bully type.

Her dating with Miguel, however, changed her: Johnny Lawrence’s first pupil is a humble, good and not arrogant person.

He too changes a lot, from being humble, quiet, shy, then he becomes more self-confident. Johnny’s pupils also become a bit bullies, at first, until he realizes that it is wrong that the motto “No mercy” had to be removed from his dojo.

There are small but constant changes of the characters, especially the younger ones, in short.

In the end, even Robby regrets his way of doing it, in the end, when he sees that he had corrupted a fragile and shy little boy, causing him to fall into the violence and ruthlessness, which the Cobra Kai seems to teach so much.

Even John Kreese himself, in the end, no longer seems convinced by his ideas, when he brings his friend, Terry Silver, to help him.

He tries to control him, to manipulate him too, but he sees that his ex-comrade’s way of doing things is perhaps even more cynical and ruthless than his, but at times even more precise and educational, in a military way!

As Sam herself says, there are three different ways of seeing Karate, even if Daniel insists on thinking that those of his enemies / rivals are wrong.

Basically it is like any type of teaching in life, of all arts and disciplines, it always depends on who teaches it, and in what way.

The Cobra Kai itself is not bad, it is the interpenetration that is given. Johnny Lawrence could have pretended that he is a man full of defects, but he is certainly not bad, the discipline could be taught in the correct way, as he does and as he wants to do with Eagle Fang, that is to transmit the same principles but in a way more educational, constructive, and positive.

This perspective of Sam is interesting, as he tries to invite his father to broaden his views. (She sure succeeds).

Perhaps, it is also a way to invite the viewer to do the same, avoiding closing in on their own world. Which Daniel-san does, although eventually he seems to be starting to change his mind, especially when he thinks of his teacher telling him that one day, he would have to go his own way, his style of him.

We hope that in the next season he will be less bigoted and stubborn.

I must admit that even if I really like Daniel as a character, sometimes his being too “clean” is really annoying: a really sickening bigotry.

He agrees with people like Johnny Lawrence: simple, honest, direct. A bit tamarro, but certainly a person of heart, who cares so much for his students, as well as for his son.

He feels a little sorry for the scene where he was drunk, and he confuses Miguel for his son, (or he gets his name wrong, I don’t know).

As much as Miguel cries and feels excluded from the heart of his Sensei, who still prefers the natural child, I am 100% sure that my favorite character (yes, always the blond), loves him very much too.

I admit that I have a particular love for Johnny. He is really “ours”, and besides, he makes me laugh so much.

However, the series is qualitatively very well done. Fights are exhilarating and fomenting. This series makes me a particular addiction: I was able to see the final three episodes of Saturday / Sunday night.

Despite its aforementioned flaws, I really like it a lot. I can’t help it, it will be Dragon Ball colap, but I really like to see the series in which they beat themselves up.

Let me know yours in the comments, if you’ve seen it.

 Final grade in the fourth season: 8/10.


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