“A New World” – End.

Every Friday “A New World”: a somewhat strange fantasy story, at times quite chaotic, of which I have had the inspiration for some time, or when I myself realized that I was living … “in a new world “, precisely.

Part 18: here.


Eventually, the young man wondered if he should accept the situation as it had become. Every now and then he still thought about her, about her heart that had changed, about so many things.

Maybe in life you never really accept anything, maybe, we are just forced to see things as the people who have abandoned us would like, and therefore, force ourselves to resign ourselves.

It happens to be confused as something we are not, sometimes they paint us with other portraits, but we don’t recognize ourselves in that face.

The young man now knew that this was so, and he had not found an alternative way. By now he spent his days like this, in that new city, free from kings, knights and wars.

The time when he wanted a “queen” beside him was over, just as it was clear that some people cannot be gifts.

It was the end of a story, since he was now living in that new world, he felt nothing but nostalgia and desire to go away.

It was a January day, the sun was shining, and a cold breeze flowed over him. He walked a lot, he came to a place where he could see a beautiful landscape, he could look at the city and the villages, from up there.

It was almost sunset, the street lights were starting to come on, he sat down on a bench, immersed in thoughts, watching that show.

He heard someone sing, and play a guitar:

“I’m sitting here, I miss the power

I’d like to go out, taking a shower

But there’s a heavy cloud inside my head

I feel so tired, put myself into bed

Well nothing ever happens and I wonder … “

He got up from the bench, leaned on the railing to better look at the view, guided by the notes of that song, so sweet and catchy, he reflected in that music.

“I wonder how, I wonder why

Yesterday you told me ‘bout the blue blue sky

And all that I can see is just another lemon tree

I’m turning my head up and down

I’m turning, turning, turning, turning, turning around

And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree “…

It was true, it seemed that everything would be beautiful, that it was, but in the end, everything that ends is just one of the many stories, so repetitive and banal, that then you don’t even notice it anymore if you listen to it for the umpteenth time .

After he finished singing and playing, the guy he was playing approached him:

–              Did you like it?

The boy who was playing had a straw hat, like a peasant’s, he was wearing a sarape, and had lit a cigarette.

–              Do you want?

The eraculator accepted, and immediately realized that it was not tobacco, made a face anyway to make it clear that it was okay, and took a drag, leaning his elbows on the railing. His mysterious companion imitated him.

– Yes, I liked it, but I’m afraid it will stay in my head for a while.

– Well, then that means she’s beautiful, right?

– Well, yes, but, you know how it is … not everything that remains in your head and resounds, it is good to stay there, I mean?

– I think so, appears.

– Are you Mexican?

– Well, not really … South America.

–              I see.

– And what’s left in your head, friend?

– Ex-friends, ex-girlfriends, ex … people you’ve loved.

– They all go away, appears.

–              That’s how it seems.

– Did my song make you nostalgic?

– Eh, well, I’m afraid so.

– You were thinking of someone, huh?

– Unfortunately it still happens to me.

– Amci, the wise say that things in life are beautiful because they end.

– Well, my dear, some things I would have preferred not to end.

– Eh, we can’t always choose it, can we? There’s always a reason.

– They say that you “must” accept, but I can’t.

– The problem is just when they want to impose it on you, right? It is not like a dead person who, when he is gone, doesn’t tell you: “Look, you have to accept that I’m dead” …

–              … Exactly.

-The person is dead, it’s not his fault, he can’t tell you these things, can he? Here, it is not fair that there is someone in life who wants to tell us how to live. Dude, forget it. The truth comes out anyway, don’t worry! Long live life!

After saying this, he left. The eraculator had the impression that the stranger had understood him better than all the others.

It was true, however, an end had come, it didn’t matter if he thought about it a little more, it was like that, after all. He just had to live with it, as he had already known for some time.

Just as he was able to be alone.

“A New World” -End.


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