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Contains SPOILERS.

It is certainly not the first time that we have seen a TV series of a guy with a bow and arrow, however this “old” is more sympathetic to the “young”, or not?

Yes, I’m referring to “Green Arrow”, if you haven’t understood it, and yes, I liked a series of 5 episodes much more than “The Arrow”.

After all, Clint Burton comes from the Avengers movies, in which he has always played a rather secondary role, as, indeed, many of the characters to whom these mini-series have been dedicated.

Forgive these comparisons between two superheroes who are only involved in the weapon; after all, the good Clint does not seem to consider himself a “hero”.

This series tells the events after the “blip” of “Endgame”, and stars “Hawkeye” or “Hawkeye”. An agent-assassin who uses bow and arrow as his favorite weapon.

It would seem nothing striking: in fact characters like him and Black Widow, have often been overshadowed by others, who (let’s say) inevitably are more in the spotlight.

So you can be happy to have this mini-series in your hands that shows us the best things about this sometimes forgotten character. In fact, there is one of the few or the only girl who has him as an idol: Kate Bishop, who emulated him by learning to shoot with a bow.

There is in fact a scene, towards the end, where Kate confesses to having seen him for the first time as a child, saying that there was a man with “a stick and a string fighting aliens, and nothing seemed braver than that. .

An involuntary role model to follow, our Clint struggles with his past which returned when, during the years when the family had been wiped out, he played the Ronin.

Someone is looking for him, in order to avenge his father: she is Maya or Echo.

Hawkeye must carry out a race against time: watching the news he sees Maya who has become a superhero, wearing the Ronin costume, and must find out what is behind it, and go home for Christmas.

It’s a very enjoyable series, pretty, not exactly “stick to the chair”, but smooth and fun and full of action.

We focus on these two characters, completely different in character: Kate is extroverted, while Clint is quite the opposite.

Silent, discreet, introverted and a little antisocial, he acts tough to protect the girl, who in the end, in one way or another, gets away with it, finally managing to defeat Fisk.

I read in an article that the clash between the two was disappointing, I think that’s not the best thing about the series, but this focus on “Hawkeye”, his fears, regrets, and “noise. ”That he feels inside, after all his dark years. A man who tries to do the right thing, and it seems he hasn’t figured out what he is yet.

And this can be seen in the meeting between him and Yelena, above all.

So, these are the greatest merits of the show, a nice story, full of action and that connects us a little to Kingpin, Daredevil and other series or characters that are a little … “forgotten”.

Personally, I liked it quite a lot from 7 to 8.

How come? Well, to my taste even if I liked it it is not one of those series that I can say I preferred: so far the most beautiful has been: “Loki” among those I have seen.

There are no particularly relevant defects, on the contrary, I believe that the plot is well taken care of. It is perhaps not a great “twist”, when it turns out that her mother was involved in the mafia.

It’s not an overly exhilarating story full of plot twists, it’s all straightforward and fun. After all, it’s set in the Christmas period… it’s not overly serious, but it’s still done well.

And that said a… 7.5 and see you next week!

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