Videogame Review:”Pokémon Unite”.

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Today we are talking about “Pokèmon Unite”, a game that (well I know) has been around for some time, but “I have been involved” recently.

For the uninitiated, it is the multiplayer starring Pokémon that has recently come out, which works more or less with the same system as “League of Legends”.

To be precise it is a team strategy game, unlike the aforementioned, however, it took me a lot more. And I don’t know if it’s simply because I’m passionate about the “pocket monsters”, or maybe, the game system, however similar it is (to me) more fun.

We have several pokèmon with different roles: attacker, defender, versatile, sprinter and support.

These have more or less the same functions as the characters in League. (For example, the sprinter goes “nall jungle” as did some of the characters there).

The object of the game is to score “goals” in enemy areas that have a limit of goals they can take, after which they are destroyed. To score, you need to collect heos energy, which wild pokemon or opponents who have collected them can give you.

The defender must bond with the attacker, because both compensate for their deficient characteristics (attack and defense)

The versatile can act as both apparently, it is more balanced, but more difficult to use.

The sprinter has very little defense, but by going into the wilds, he levels up faster, and by defeating some particular wild pokemon he temporarily gains a stat boost. (This is seen by a circle appearing at his feet).

The support pokèmon, are healers or in any case “helpers”, do not seem to have specific roles of attack or defense.

And by using one of these roles in the best possible way, well… you win.

Or not just one of the “roles”, but also a specific type of pokèmon. Here there is no real difference between types or immunities, everyone can do it.

I must say that it is a game that can “catch you”, on which you can spend hours. There are different “rewards” based on certain things you do, and it seems like winning isn’t too difficult even in the higher rankings. I am noticing that I have you win and overwhelm or you lose and overwhelm.

The biggest difficulty is (probably), being able to get the whole team to work well, if you can, the victory will be much easier. I noticed that using Crustle, for example, (pokèmon with which, apparently I’m having a great time), with a good attacker, you can defeat your opponents quite easily, and score in bursts, together.

It is a free-to-play, in the sense that it is free, and the money, at the most, you will “have” to spend on any clothing of yours, and of the pokèmon.

So there aren’t any “shortcuts” to winning, it will depend on your skill anyway.

I have tried and used this game on both the switch and mobile, but I think the console is much more comfortable.

It is a competitive game, it is not easy to win, although I have noticed that the easiest way to lose is when they leave you alone on one side of the map, while everyone else focuses on just one.

According to my acquaintance, when this happens, you don’t have to wait for them to understand and arrive, but then, really focus all on that side only.

Nice graphics, dynamic gameplay, good for passing the time, and not too complicated. All well balanced. As you progress through the “classes”, the difficulty also increases. I am advancing into the “ultra” category, for example.

But it is neither impossible nor too difficult for now. In short, sometimes it also depends on whether whoever you are in front of has a more balanced and better managed team… everyone has their own.

I recommend it, however.

A good 8/10, come on!


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