Like a Punch in the face.

Italian Version


It’s cold,

and I get hits, without dodging them.

Years go by,

and the reality becomes more and more vivid.

And it’s strong,

it hits, it hurts,

like a punch in the face.

And it’s cold,

this reality,

it seems worse than nightmares.

I can’t dodge these blows,

that bring me down.

I almost take them all, without even noticing,

it’s life that takes me, takes me away,

it’s life that’s like this, after all,

that always hits you.

In the human soul there is only chaos,

little foresight, little kindness,

and every day, there is this reality

that hits you like a punch in the face,

with all this anger, this violence, and hopelessness.

And it’s getting harder and harder

Find something to believe in,

maybe there is less and less …

in the midst of all these deceptions,

standing in the midst of the same snakes,

who have poisoned us.


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