Italian version


It seems to be, in the end,

all wrong.

Many decisions,

a lot of time, wasted.

In the end you get tired,

to hear you tell every mistake you’ve made,

as if you don’t already know.

You get tired

you get tired of everything.

You get tired of people,

you just want a change of scenery,

change people,

or be alone.

You get tired

to hear and see …

those points of view,

who only look at your negative side.

You also get tired of who,

he did it for your good,

why then,

you start chasing,

and lose your breath by dint of doing it.

Maybe it’s all wrong in this life

certainly, there are many.

Maybe friendships,

definitely the choices.

And I, I got tired,

because the disappointments,

have become too many.


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