Character Analysis: Iron-Man.

Italian version


Beware of spoilers!

Today we talk about the good Tony Stark, one of the most charismatic characters (if not THE most charismatic) of the Marvel films.

Initially a rather superficial, distracted man who did not give much weight to justice, to many things. He seemed like one of the many spoiled “daddy’s children”.

Until, of course, he discovers that there is an illegal arms sale in his industries …

It changes a lot. He is a character with great potential and growth. A very intelligent and curious man; perhaps a little too much, (given that, as we know, let’s say that Ultron was born because of him).

He matures quite a lot over the course of the films. He is always in doubt whether or not to stop being a superhero, then, he never manages to do it. (if not in Endgame, after the disappearance of Spider-Man. In fact, only an event of such weight and trauma was capable of giving him the definitive “blow”).

So he is the first to have a certain… “ambiguity”. In the sense that he is driven by a scientist’s curiosity, a “hunger for knowledge”, so great as to make him question the moralities in which he himself believes. (Which is seen, for example, in “Age of Ultron”).

It is clear that, like any scientist, he is driven by a hunger for knowledge, to fill his gaps, often not taking into account the possible consequences of his actions.

He is a charismatic, interesting character, endowed with various facets, which make him unique.

Different from what might be called the “standard” superhero traits, in a way.

In fact, in my opinion, we will miss it enormously in subsequent films.


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