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For some time now, I think people are just hungry for stories, in many cases. I have the feeling, sometimes, that someone more than needing help or advice, has the only desire to be seen, or in any case, that someone tells things about him.

They say it is wrong to talk behind the back, but it seems that there are people who go out of their way to make this happen.

The reason often lies beyond my understanding.

Yet it is so.

At some point, however, you get tired. We are not here writing the autobiographies of others, at best, ours.

There is a bit of us, because, you always hear the same things, and I always write the same things …

I know that there will always be someone who will have that wrong consideration of me, and the only way is to change other people’s minds … but I know it’s wrong.

In fact, when spontaneity fails, you realize that there is nothing else to do, there are no “forced” ways to live. As long as there is a kind of “grudge”, there will never be the ability to move forward.

Whoever closes does so forever, it seems. And I, who do, am no better than others.

However, I have the feeling that if people could fully exploit their potential, if instead of listening to the bullshit of this superficial world… they would have the key to their happiness.

Instead, stories.

Everyone wants stories set: a man who must necessarily have some kind of precise professional figure, with perhaps even a salary with a precise amount, and maybe even have a certain type of clothing …

As if it were really possible to have some artificial woman or man that we make, as if there really existed a “prince charming”, or a princess to save, as you prefer.

We are still living in a world where, probably, everyone is a bit wrong, given that by now, society has almost “brainwashed” us, leading us to believe that there is some predefined type of people to be with. , or life to live.

By now we all want “the hot girl” or “the cool boy” and the most important thing fails, I’m sorry to say but it is love.

But, I guess everyone wants stories to tell, no matter how true they are.

And then, after all, you don’t even wonder why there are all these divorces, and how many there will still be.

For this, then, personally, I move away from those situations that make me feel uncomfortable, out of place … you understand, even if you don’t mind doing it, but “it must”.

You have to get away from those situations in which you do not feel loved, in which criticism, however “constructive” or “good for the sake of others”, has more the effect of being mortifying.

It’s all wrong, I waste time, energy and breath … for what, after all?

I want to look for more sincere, more spontaneous smiles.

Like two people I know, who in a completely unexpected way are loving each other more and more.

Who knows one day, will they be able to heal each other completely? I really think so.

At times, my ability to understand and foresee for many situations frightens me; and maybe I’m wrong, when I let others think that I am naive, a simpleton …

But you know, although I would like to change the minds of many, I’m the first who gets bored at the thought of doing so.

Because, you know … it is tiring, boring, perhaps impossible and useless …

And so, let’s leave them in their …



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