“A new World” – Part 15.

Italian version

part 14: here.


And so, he was now in a new world. A place she barely understood.

A life she didn’t understand, a life many had turned away from.

And as she left her past, and her former world, she doubted whether it was the right thing to do: but there didn’t seem to be an actual choice.

And everything that she was before, disappeared, like a spell. Perhaps she revealed herself for what she had always been: an illusion; and, as soon as she too disappeared, she finally understood that the time for many things had come to an end, just as she understood that her war was not over.

After having crossed the whole countryside, she returned to the city, where her companions were.

Gugu saw him and immediately asked him:

–              You have done?

–              Yes, yes.

– How do you feel?

– I don’t know … I don’t know. I don’t think I feel anything anymore… I would love to hear something again. I just have anger.

Without saying a word, he walked away, followed by the others.

He went home, found that body again, that woman’s, inanimate. He told Randurass to throw it away.

– Now, it’s no longer needed. My heart is not in here.

– We can help you.

– How?

– We can revive your heart: follow us. We will go to a volcano called Phrob. There, we can revive the fire that had sustained you so far. – Gugu said.

– Do I need to come too? – The eraculator asked, who lay down on the bed.

–              No.

–              See you later then.

The man fell asleep. He was visibly very tired. He seemed to be more mentally than physically. He didn’t want to know anything more.

It was late in the morning, the streets of the city filled with people. However, no one knew them.

In that new world it was all unknown, all without a face, a direction, a definition.

It was a newborn city, which worked, but no one knew how.

Those who lived there seemed to be worried about their future, seemed to have lost some points of reference, and no longer recognize themselves.

This was one of the most negative sides of progress: something traditional fails, disappears. So you no longer know what to believe, where to go forward, how to proceed.

It seemed to be the task of those three, to restore order, in that city, which, after all, they had helped to create.

The eraculator was the creator of that place, but he did not yet know how it worked.

He used to give direction, have a work order: workers, industries, and harmony.

However, the old order and peace had long been compromised.

And his founder, he was asleep, and he didn’t seem willing to fix things. He seemed intent on just walking away, or sleeping.

The end of one story was the beginning of another …

However, it was the task of those who remained, to be able to carry on the intentions of those who preceded us. And in that case, it was those three, headed for a volcano.


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