Metroid Dread Review – The Best Metroid?

Italian vesion

I just finished this game which was very exciting, entertaining, and it was a great pleasure.

Metroid is one of the major Nintendo series, and one of my favorites. It tells of the adventures of the bounty hunter: Samus Aran, a woman who in every game, lives different adventures, to save the galaxy.

A game therefore set in space …

It’s something that connects old fans with new ones. It is in fact a sequel to Metroid Fusion, which was my first Metroid, on the Game Boy Advance.

In it, parasites “X” appear for the first time, creatures capable of possessing any living being, and subjecting it to their will, modifying their appearance and their strength. (A little like “Venom”, so to speak).

The Metroids were, it turns out, created specifically to counter these dangerous creatures.

After that, you will recover everyone, even “Zero Mission”, where Kraid also appears, the boss who (watch out for any spoilers), appears here too, by surprise. (At least for me, not having seen all the trailer videos, which are often full of big sneak peeks).

It was the “launch” game of the new Nintendo Switch OLED, which I bought mostly because my “old” one was no longer working well. And it was the first time… but, details.

In any case, the game works in the “classic” way, like some previous titles: “Fusion”, in fact, “Zero mission”, “Samus Returns”, “Super Metroid … Or you explore a new planet, there are different parts of it, with different environments and enemies … but it has some important differences.

It is not about the “mere” graphics and the special effects of the fights, conceived above all to be able to play OLED, in fact. But there is also greater intuitiveness of the commands, and new powers and abilities.

Super missiles are a “simple” upgrade to normal missiles, and do not consume as much ammo as in previous chapters.

As in “Samsus Returns”, if I am not mistaken, (last chapter played by myself) there was the ability to counterattack, but the animation is a lot cooler.

One of the most beautiful and spectacular things is when you fight against the most powerful bosses, and you have to pay attention to the timing to counterattack and start an animation, which makes such fights much more interesting. In such scenes you also have to shoot as much as you can at your enemy, as these are what keep you going.

An excellent soundtrack and an amazing storyline: Samus’ origins are discovered, and you finally understand how the girl / woman knows the Chozos and their language so well, how she can use their skills, given that, (it turns out) is one of them.

The final fight, against Raven Beak, is the best, the hardest and the most exciting.

I have to say that overall, at least in normal mode, it’s not a particularly difficult game, but it’s not a walk in the park either. Perhaps the most difficult thing is the E.M.M.I., almost invincible robots that have fallen under the control of Raven Beak. They are among the great peculiarities and novelties of the game.

In fact, being immune to conventional weapons, there is no other choice to escape from them, until you find the central unit and unlock a beam capable of destroying them, which will exist only for that occasion, then the power will run out.

Perhaps it is the best Metroid I have played, at least in this type of movement, ie in 2D, and not in 3D like the “Prime” series.

It has advantages from all points of view, it may be that I am a “veteran”, but also finding objects is easier for me.

And it was particularly exciting to see the (few) surviving chozos and to deal with them, even if, mostly, as enemies. The curiosity about them, about their skills has always been one of the things that intrigued me the most.

After all, the story revolves around them, being the creators of Metroid.

A sad, dark, but fascinating story. These games are very beautiful, but they always tell somewhat sad stories: the planets where Samus lands are often at risk, or in any case threatened by some disturbing power or cataclysm, which our girl will be able to save.

In short, I just have to give it a nice 10, and wait for a new masterpiece of the genre.


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