“A new World” – Part 14.

Part 13

Italian version

Walking into what was once, his kingdom, made him feel… strange. Somehow he knew it was all over, by now he was walking among the rubble, among those destroyed hopes and dreams, between that desire to go away, to go away … who knows where.

Disappear from that place, which represented his failures.

All those things on which he had relied, which had disappointed him …

It had been a massacre, that was exactly the representation of much that lived in that man’s consciousness, he realized that that trip with the balloon, in some way, had led him into a kind of magical representation of his own mind …

And he was lost.

He now he lived in a world without borders, without walls… without kingdoms.

He was no longer the king of anything, perhaps only of himself.

He walked in that terrible absolute silence, he did not feel any pain, he no longer felt any pain in his heart, he could not even cry anymore.

He wasn’t even sure if he felt anything anymore, in fact.

Just a pure and immense desolation.

He was in the open country, finally, he saw a little house that was very familiar to him. It was a little house that he had tried to build with his heart.

And he saw him, there, in that house: that bright child with the gold-colored jacket.

– Carandass …

–              Hello! – The little one answered.

– You really built this house for me, and for her… for us. For you and her inner child, for her heart.

–              Yup!

–              Already. But by now you should know it will never happen. – The man spoke, without fear of hurting the child, his heart.

–              I know it. – Carandass replied, unexpectedly in a different way than the eraculator expected.

–              For real?

– I grew up in the end … you know?

The child had suddenly changed his appearance: now he was a young boy, just over twenty years old.

– She will never change his mind … she will never come back.

–              Indeed.

– It’s just a story without borders.

–              … What?

– It no longer makes sense to cultivate this garden. – He said, pointing to a crop next to the cottage. – but now, despite everything, I also have the feeling of being… free.

–              For real?

– Yes, you know… maybe all this is not necessary. I had kept a quiet place for her, but …

– But?

– I don’t want to live as if I’m confined.

After saying this, he disappeared, dissolved in a golden powder, so he also made that little house and the vegetable garden.

– I’ve changed now. I too have grown up. I am no longer a child. Maybe everyone else will be.

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