Character Analysis:”Jaskier” (from:”The Witcher”)

Italian verison

Dandelion in Italian: Ranuncolo… and in the original language: Jaskier.

Name that in all three languages, in fact, represents the flower.

Who is? He is the troubadour, the storyteller of the “The Witcher” series. A jolly good fellow, a little naive, a little bungler, and can be considered as the only, or in any case, the best friend of Geralt of Rivia.

They are both characters with a difficult character: on the one hand, the witcher is the one who tends to be taciturn and introverted, on the other, the friend does the opposite: he talks too much and is extroverted, precisely.

He is the wildcard character: that is, the one who adds color to the witcher’s life, which, without him, would seem much more static and gray.

And it is strange, as we are described: he is certainly someone who takes himself little seriously, and also takes much else little seriously, but … in the end he is really the only one who understands and loves Geralt, as only true friends know. Do.

They quarrel very often, like cat and dog: Dandelion’s messes often lead both to treacherous and uncomfortable paths.

But even though the troubadour often finds himself in funny messes, which, in the end, are things that the reader / player / spectator can laugh at, as far as Geralt is concerned, his troubles are of a far more dangerous kind: sometimes Dandelion himself. is the first to cause such trouble.

He is an ambiguous character: I have the feeling that he is a kind of alter-ego of the author, Sapkowski. It is not uncommon to see someone in the written works, who plays the role of “narrator”. I believe that, (as happens in some books), he is actually the writer, in the guise of a cheerful and carefree storyteller. In fact, we read that he, at some point in the novels, says that he is writing the story of Geralt, and of himself.

In short, even if in many chapters he does not even appear, and is not mentioned, he is “always there”, in the background, ready to take action.

Funny and serious, capable of making serious speeches about life, as if not understanding anything anymore.

But he expresses himself better when he writes poems, stories and songs, than he manages to do it verbally, perhaps a victim of his often awkward and apparently carefree character, and at times, heedless of the consequences.

But, in the end, he is just that friend he can be counted on.

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