Review: First part of “Stone Ocean”

Italian version

Had already read the manga of “Stone Ocean”, part 6 of the “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, which I did not like very much, making the comparison with the others, at least.

But being a “JoJofan”, I liked it a lot, like so many others.

However, here we are not talking about the manga, but about the long-awaited anime. It always takes years to make sure they bring out a new part, despite the huge fame.

What is “Stone Ocean”? is part 6 of the famous series, mentioned above, which sees as the protagonist the only woman / girl (so far) Jolyne Cujoh, the daughter of (listen, listen) Jotaro Kujo. (I have no idea why the surname changes from father to daughter, don’t ask me).

And what happens? She gets framed for a murder, and she ends up in jail. All this is being hatched by a mysterious enemy, who has planned all this to approach Jolyne’s father. Some former followers of Dio Brando have a grudge against her.

In addition to this, she will have to live in prison as an innocent, and lead the life of a prisoner, learning all the difficulties of life as a prisoner.

Anime produced by Warner Bros. Anime, as well as “Golden Wind” and “So Spoke Rohan Kishibe”, made a good impression on me.

First of all, the quality of the animations is indisputable for me. After all, I imagined something so good, from Warner Bros, and, indeed, compared to the previous part, they have improved.

I did not understand this vice that they have in Japan, lately, of releasing anime in “clips”, as they did with “Attack on Titan” and “Seven deadly Sins”. Bothersome.

In fact, I misunderstood! They didn’t release “Stone Ocean” in full as I understood.

I am one who prefers to watch anime than read manga, but, I must say that for JoJo, as I had already written, I make an exception.

And it will be paradoxical, but I can follow a series more than a manga, despite the fact that I watch them in Japanese and I have to read the subtitles, which people find annoying: I am used to reading quickly, so I never get lost. the scenes, facial expressions, and the rest.

It can be said that anime are, in fact, Japanese TV series. The characters act just like the actors, indeed: in an even more unnatural and imaginative way, of course.

And JoJo’s characters have exaggerated expressiveness and gestures, one of their main characteristics, to tell the truth. One of those that made this work so famous. (Also via the various memes).

It is clear that I give you my option, as for me, I find the anime more “understandable” than the manga.

 Perhaps I become more concentrated, it will be thanks to music, to the way in which video can now be a more powerful means of entertainment: images in sequence, which, thanks to technology, reflect reality in a more… “complete” way.

In short, one of the best qualities of this first part, so far, is the ability to make the plot better understood than the manga, together with the powers of the stands, etc.

Perhaps concentration is facilitated by the adrenaline that is transmitted by the animated series, when we watch it, I think that’s why.

Still, it’s a great adaptation, so far: it’s making me change my mind about a part of the manga, which I hadn’t particularly loved, I just liked.

It is the “power” of the anime: as it is for many films and TV series, after all.

And this, so far, is the greatest merit, in my opinion.

And this is the opinion of a partial work, when it ends, I will give you a more complete review.

See you next time!

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