Review:”Loki” (Marvel’s tv series) – First Season.

Italian version.

I finished this series in record time, after all, it lasted “only” 6 episodes.

I bring you the review of “Loki”; the Marvel series, dedicated to the character of the same name, which I was very curious to see, one of the reasons why I “gave a move”, to finish all the Avengers movies.

I tell you that I finished it yesterday / tonight, watching 3 episodes in one evening / night!

Why? Loki is one of the characters who intrigued me more than many, more than his brother, to be honest. Maybe Thursday we will do a nice character analysis dedicated to him …

But we’ll deal with it later.

The series is very well done, I think the same means have been used for the films, in short, watching Loki, unlike what I thought, you don’t get the impression of seeing a TV series, perhaps dedicated to a secondary character, since the man of “point” was Thor, but mini-films, dedicated to an enigmatic and very interesting character.

Before continuing, I announce that there will be SPOILERS, so if you haven’t seen it, run to look at it and maybe come back here.

But what is “Loki”? After the events of Endgame, in which the Avengers, to save the universe, go back in time and Loki, who had died at the hands of Thanos, is saved from his future death, thanks to a temporal paradox.

He escapes after the events of the first Avengers, thanks to the Tesseract; but, as soon as he appears in a desert, he is captured by mysterious people, the representatives of the TVA. (Time Variance Authority)

Loki is named “Variant”, meaning a person who is not living in his natural course of time, and therefore, the sentence is to be “mowed down”. But, he will be rescued by a TVA agent, Mobius (portrayed by Owen Wilson, no less).

It could be said that, if it had been a longer series, Loki and Mobius, instead of looking for the variant which is another Loki, more dangerous for TVA, perhaps he would have stretched the edge, looking for others, and then come to the “truth”, But I think it’s better this way, the more we say“ quick ”, it’s just as effective.

The two characters make friends, in a bizarre way. Mobius is the only one in this TVA to believe him, also to see if he could use it to capture the alter-ego.

Who then turns out to be a woman, who, however, wants to be called Sylvie.

Before seeing this series, I didn’t know what to expect, I was very curious, and not only that: I was very eager to see it.

Loki is a character that I liked immediately, more than his brother, because for me, he has something more to say, let’s say.

In fact, in this series we see a god of deception, different, in my opinion very mature and evolved compared to his previous appearances.

The Loki of this series seems different from the alter-egos. He is never deeply evil; as he says to Mobius himself: “no one bad is ever truly bad”, and “no one good is ever truly good“, almost seems to emphasize that, in the end, Loki is never “really” bad.

Is it all an eternal deception, then? People who are “bitches” are not believed when they want to do good, and are good people never as good as they seem? It seems to be the truth.

After all, it is a series full of Loki, so much so that in the end, I believed that “He Who Remains” was yet another alter-ego of Thor’s brother.

And each version of him that you meet is different, they all had a different life, despite this, they all end up in the same way: destined to fail, because the universe gives them no alternative but to be all there, apparently.

Perhaps, indeed, certainly, one of the reasons that made me love the series and therefore, Loki, plays the role of the excluded, the exiled, has characteristics that allow him to get in tune with many spectators.

Loki’s series is intricate, as is the story and the many variations that appear at the end; “our” Loki is really different, and in fact, thanks to him, Sylvie begins to change a bit, and the two fall in love. They made so much tenderness!

Too bad that in the end, it will not be enough: the woman was too tied to her desire to take revenge.

It is an engaging series, which, like me, leaves you “glued” to the chair. In my personal taste it is fantastic. Made as well as the films themselves, offering even a villain like Loki the chance to be a hero. After all, he becomes the anti-hero par excellence, but other details will be written in the character analysis on Thursday!

The series stands out from the movies, not least because there are fewer fights for now. However, it seems that less weight has been given to the “show” in that sense, and more to the plot and other things of a psychological matrix.

I conclude with a vote: a nice 10.

2F719NX TOM HIDDLESTON in LOKI (2021), directed by KATE HERRON. Credit: MARVEL STUDIOS / Album


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