Movie Review:”Black Panther.”

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And here we are with another Marvel movie, which struck me in a very positive way: Black Panther.

There are so many things that I liked about this character: to begin with the story about him, who unites all peoples, with that mysterious power.

It is a tribal story, a tradition of a people much more evolved than the rest of the world, which still retains a truly fascinating tradition of the Black Panther.

And, of course, after many superheroes coming, mostly from the United States, it’s cool to see a different one, coming from Africa.

For me it is really cool to see all these things: a world between the technological and the magical, which creates a perfect mix.

An excellent opportunity to approach the African people, portrayed by an excellent cast, and by a great actor like Chadwick Boseman.

In fact, I’m sorry to hear that someone as good as him sadly died of cancer, he was really perfect for that role.

A charitable, heroic, chivalrous king, who can carry and spread the principles of his people all over the world.

Initially he doubts that he is ready to be the king of Wakanda, but after, he becomes 100%, understanding what is the right thing for everyone, also for the contrast with what in the end was his cousin.

The plot is very interesting! It’s cool that there are two Black Panthers, at some point, and that the two costumes created by the sister, conflict with each other.

On the shoulders of T’Challa, there is the weight of the sins of the father, who, to save his people, had to kill his own brother, and, in fact, then the son returns home, because he wants to change the situation, as he wanted to be a father, he wants the people of Wakanda to help all those who need help. So he decides to be king in the end, even though he has had to eliminate his cousin.

But, to pay due tribute, for atonement, he does it. In the end he does as he wanted. It is a real pity that the two family members could not find a peaceful way to get along, and thus, together, spread the kingdom’s resources to the world.

In addition to the beauty of all and all the characters, I liked the particular focus on the plot, without the various (in my opinion) unnecessary “extras” like the usual fanservice. (I am a hypocrite, because in souls I like it, but even there, I can live without MUAHAHAHA … oh well nevermind COFF COFF).

That is, there is no need to sexualize the characters, nor to hire people of ostentatious beauty, but there is a cast of people who, well, know how to do their job.

T’Challa himself is a very particular character, very well articulated and charismatic.

With the weaknesses of a man, who initially gives in to the desire to take revenge in “Civil War”, then, however, he has the right wisdom to understand how wrong it is to live like that. He will therefore be an excellent king.

Too bad he had too marginal a role in Endgame, but there, as mentioned in another article, it was “the fault” of the excess of characters.

In short, it is a film, for me, without defects, which really brings us closer to the world and culture different from ours, and you cannot have a better hero than the king of Wakanda, to represent the African people.

Wakanda Forever.


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