“A New World” – Part 7.

Part 6 here.

Italian verison here.

That islet was so terribly silent and disturbing.

Seeing the ship he was captain of, put like this, scared the hell out of him.

– And the crew? Are they dead too?

– Would you like to get on the ship to find out? Randurass asked.

The Heraculator looked around: a deadly fog enveloped the island. He heard himself croak, crows appeared, with man’s heads! What a terrifying sight.

They flew around the ship. Of course, the man was afraid, but the two led him to board the ghost ship.

The world he lived in now had so changed… The things a man relies on disappear. There was no more rationality.

That man was actually getting on a ghost ship, something that in theory shouldn’t even have solid substance, since the real boat was definitely at the bottom of the sea.

A crow appeared, it had a woman’s head, and it was very familiar. It was the same face as the woman who was in his bed, motionless.

She was part of his crew, they were all dead, now turned into undead monsters.

In fact, even the bodies of those crows had something strange: they were without part of the body, their chest and belly were without meat: only the bones remained.

It was a vision that frightened the Heraculator very much, while his companions were very silent.

The ravens had the heads of his crew, at least, some of them. Those people he hoped to find were there.

He said their names, some croaked, others spoke strangely.

The one with the girl face, he spoke:

–              What do you do here? It’s over. Haven’t you figured it out yet?

– Of course I understood, in fact it is not that I counted that anything changed.

–              And so why?

– Not everything has a reason, my beautiful.

The man made a gesture of love towards that horrifying creature: he stroked the cheek of that talking head.

She was seen crying.

–              It’s too late. – She said.

– You decided it, you decided it. It is never too late for those who want to make a difference. For those who want to return. I will go away, but I will always have the hope that you will come back, that you will come back.

– Deluded, as always. You are so emotional …

– I’m not anymore. Right now I’m not feeling as much as I expected.

–              And so, why?

– Why … Why … Why … I would like things to change, right?

–              You can not.

– Yes, now the one who WAS is dead. I’m interested in what it will be.

– And what will it be, if it’s all over?

– It’s not all over. As long as we are alive, there will always be room for hope.

– I’m not alive anymore.

– Not here, but I know you are, outside of here. Now, I have to forget you and go on … But I’ve already decided to stay a little longer, to see if we meet again. I know it won’t happen, but I always hope that life will surprise me.

–              Why?

– Because I like it. I want to play with fate again. I hate being misunderstood, and I hate thinking wrong things about me … But now, I’m forgetting you.

– So why?

– I would love to … To be surprised by life for once. I’d like to be wrong.

–              It’s useless…

–              Perhaps. In fact, I’m ready to leave, at least psychologically.

– And stay …

– I wish I had a chance to see you again. I really wish I didn’t have to go, because I had no other choice…

– And you will go.

–              Already started.

– You men do useless things.

– We’re not that different from you women.

The raven woman laughed. The man remembered that splendid laughter from her, that he had made him fall in love with her. He had a pain in his heart.

It is really strange to talk to someone who has died, despite the fact that he is physically alive.

But one thing the man had kept to himself: he also wanted to give a last goodbye, before leaving, and he didn’t want to do it for anyone, but for himself.

Knowing that he had to leave a place, perhaps, forever, he wanted to make one last, spectacular goodbye. Something that would satisfy him, to leave, with no more remorse or regret.

And, eternally dissatisfied, he knew what he owed and what he wanted to do.

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