“A New World” – 6

Part 5 here.

Italain version here.

In the flight, the man fell asleep. He had strange dreams and visions. He dreamed of crows with the brim of a man, he dreamed of a long journey, he dreamed of being like an animal, with so many hunters who wanted to kill him.

He woke up early in the morning, after he dreamed of that woman in very risqué underwear, who was an escort.

<< What the fuck? >>

It was as his companions said, the weather was different in this new world. Memories mingled in the great chaos.

The dawn had just begun, a weak light illuminated them: The heraculator noticed that even his mysterious companion was sleeping.

He was with his arms folded, and he noticed that he had black hands, that being with the head of a raven, that creature so mysterious, that somehow, had come out of him, as well as the one who drove the chariot.

They were now, in physical form, and they were free, and on his side.

The carriage finally stopped: they had arrived in a small harbor.

Gugu woke Randurass, and said:

– We have to go, come on.

–              And where? And why? – The man asked.

– To save us, as far as possible.

They wanted to take a steamboat, they were in a big river. So, they took one, filled with passengers of all races and genders.

The heraculator looked at a woman who seemed to him to look a lot like hers, and in fact it was not her.

He looked at the banks of the river, some fishermen’s houses, lined them. The sun greeted the world, rising slowly, taking its place in the sky.

Gugu approached him with a coffee, and observed the spectacle of dawn with him. Randurass was alert, and silent.

Of course, he wasn’t one who talked a lot.

– Where are we going, Gugu? – The man asked.

– Let’s go to the sea, I have a refuge for you.

– Who wants me dead?

– Maybe they don’t want you dead, maybe they just want you defeated. Anyway, I think it’s the people who have betrayed your trust. After stabbing you in the back metaphorically, now they want to actually do it too.

–              Because?

– Because there are those who can’t get enough of hitting, of raging.

– Is it just that?

– I’m afraid someone wanted to separate you from her. And now, they want to prevent any attempt you will make to reconcile yourself.

–              Because?

– Why, why, why … Because men are jealous bastard assholes, asking too many questions, and always asking “why?”

– So, sometimes there is no reason?

–              Unfortunately not.

A few hours later they arrived near the sea. The eraculator recognized that place: it was the same place where he had awakened after the shipwreck.

They came to another port, and Gugu had a small boat there:

–              Let’s go!

The eraculator asked no more questions. His two companions went fishing, declaring that it would be their lunch.

The boat worked with an engine, also a steam engine.

The eraculator, inside himself, was silent, taken by the humidity, and by the cold of the river.

– You fish too, so you warm up. – Randurass proposed.

–              Thanks.

After a while, he confessed to the two:

– This escape is useless. There is no way that I can reconcile with her. I just have to accept it.

– And that’s what you want? – Gugu asked.

– No, but I don’t have a choice.

– Neither do we. We have to protect you. – The crow-man intervened.

– Just let me go, let them kill me. It’s not fair to involve you too.

– Hey, stop! Don’t have these attitudes! They are not as noble as you think. We will go all the way, and no one will lose their life, or anything else. – Gugu declared.

Finally, they arrived on an island, in the middle of the sea. It was full of fog.

At that moment, they all saw a ship, approaching.

And the further he advanced, the more the Eraculator seemed to recognize it: it was his sunken ship, now it was a ghost.

– My ship!

– Yes, now it’s … “The Flying Writer”.

To Be continued…


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